Amazing New Security Products to Protect Your Home.

Your home is your safe place, but there are predators lurking around every corner who care less about your personal safety and more about your private information. In today’s modern world, it’s not enough to simply lock your phone or put a password on your router. Hackers can easily get through the pass code on your phone to steal your private information or get into your computers to steal banking information and
credit card numbers. New security products now let you protect your phone, home, computer and more. home security products

Mobile Security Apps

Many people now carry their phones with them everywhere they go. While that lets you contact family members, send texts and even shop online while on the go, carrying your phone also leaves you vulnerable to thefts and other problems. Mobile security apps let you lock down your phone when someone loses it or steals it. You can log in from your computer or a mobile device to lock down the phone to keep others from gaining access to your personal data. There are even apps that let you track your phone and finds its exact location later.

Home Security Products

Some cable and Internet providers now offer home security products that you can add to your monthly package. Even if your provider doesn’t offer this option, you can still buy cameras that you install around your house and connect to an app that you use on your phone, computer or tablet. You can view the live feed from those cameras while on vacation or sitting behind your desk at work. Other new security products can connect back to those cameras or work as part of a stand alone security system, including door alarms and window alarms. Those alarms go off and send an alert to all registered devices when someone opens the door or window.

Protect Your Computer

New software like remote KVM software gives you a way to protect your computer. This type of software lets you log in remotely and see whether anyone accessed your home computer. You may want to invest in a key logger too, which keeps track of all buttons pressed and typed onto a computer. This helps you keep an eye on how others used your computer. Using some of these new security products, adding a password to your WiFi and putting a lock on your phone can protect your valuable data.
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