Top 5 Best Long Lasting Battery Smartphones 2017

2017 is here with us now and smartphones users, especially the battery conservatives will be looking for the best long lasting battery smartphones in the market. Well, let me point you in the right direction. Samsung, Apple and many other manufacturers gave us their best. If you are looking for the smartphones with the features and battery to start your new year with, you may consider the smartphones on our list. We did the test in 2016 and here is what we found out.Best Long lasting Battery Smartphones

To test which one is the best, the phones were put to the airplane mode then a video looped with the screen at its brightest. The automatic brightness feature was turned off for the best results. The phones that lasted the longest made it to our list.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Edge came out on top with its large and impressive battery. If one needed a high end phone with the best battery, here it is. In the test above, it lasted 18 hours and 42 minutes.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S7

The Edge’s sibling would come quickly after it with 17 hours and 48 minutes in the test described above. That is a great result for phones that come from a single manufacturer in the name of Samsung.

  1. OnePlus 3

The OnePlus 3 would pull off an impressive 16 hours and 56 minutes which is way more than most recent smartphones can manage. So far, android phones have taken the top three slots in our test.

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  1. iPhone SE

The first iPhone on our list is the little iPhone SE. It managed to pull off a respectable 16 hours and 46 minutes which is more than anyone could expect from the mostly underrated phone.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

Another one from Samsung with an excellent 16 hours and 27 minutes in our test. The S5 Neo may be having a quite old name but its internals are very impressive as seen in our test here. It is among the best for the year.

There you have it, the phones with the longest lasting battery. It is fair to mention that we had Tecno phones, Nokia Phones and many other media-tek devices but unfortunately they didn’t make it to the top 5. We will stay on the look out and maybe do a different test for these kinds of phones.

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