Can I Leave my phone charging overnight Daily?

I always ask myself, can I leave my phone charging overnight every day? Well, the short answer to this is YES you can leave your phone plugged in overnight. Shocked? Don’t be. There is an explanation to this and technology sage got you covered. You may have wondered whether it is safe to leave your Android Phone phone plugged in overnight. Will you spoil your phone’s battery is you left it charging that long overnight? Will the phone’s battery life be shortened if you left it charging overnight? These are just but a few of the many questions most of you could be asking.

As much as we don’t want it to happen, studies show that 3 out of five people have left their phone charging overnight at some point. It could be intentional or otherwise. Can I Leave my phone charging overnightWe use our phones over the day and its only expected that we will have low if not no charge by the end of the day. In the quest to get the phone ready for the next day, we often plug in just before retiring to bed. We let it charge some more as we ponder over a few of things here and there in bed only to wake up to a still plugged in phone. That’s when you get a guilty face of hurting your phone’s battery and hence the urge for the answers to the questions above. Well, check out How to install Windows Operating system on Android Phone or tablet before you proceed.

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Can I Leave my phone charging overnight

To understand the practicality of this claim, watch the video below for the detailed explanation of why and how you can leave your phone charging overnight and still have no damages on neither the phone or its battery.

As you may have found out above, the main danger of leaving your phone charging overnight was that it provided an opportunity to get the battery of your phone hot and remain in such temperatures for the rest of the night. However, in recent times, our smartphones are smart for real. They can stop charging as soon as the battery reaches its full capacity and thereafter use the connected charger as its primary power source to power the phone. This ensures that you to wake up to a fully-charged battery while your phone remains powered on through the night.

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This looks pretty good now. I hope you found solace, go on, be smart with your smartphone.

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