VIVO X9 Security Lock Unlock

Hello everyone. Today, I am going to show you how to Unlock the VIVO X9 Smartphone Welcome to technology sage where tech institutions meet practically. Thanks for supporting us and helping us bring you more educative articles on technology. We are really grateful. If you have this phone and you are locked out, then this is the best place to learn how to unlock the VIVO X9 Smartphone. If you have tried many methods to get through that phone and failed, look no further. You are at the right place for I am going to guide you on how to unlock your VIVO X9 device. Kindly, also see another article on Oppo A5S CPH1909 IMEI Repair.

VIVO X9 Unlock with A computer

Now, first of all, if your phone is locked and you cannot unlock it that is a serious problem because you cannot use your phone. In the case of our VIVO X9, there is an option to do a hard reset. But sometimes I wonder what that option is for if it still requires you to enter the unlock code which you already don’t have or have forgotten. In short, it is not possible to hard reset the VIVO X9 smartphone from the recovery menu for you will still be asked to enter the unlock code you have forgotten. Therefore, there is no other way to unlock this phone other than using a computer and software that can unlock this phone.

Requirements Needed to Unlock VIVO X9

To unlock this phone, as I said, would require that you use a computer since you cannot perform a hard reset. Now, since we already know that, let us see the things you will be required to have to unlock VIVO X9.


  1. Windows PC
  2. Inferno tool software
  3. USB Data Cable.
  4. Working QUALCOMM USB Drivers pre-installed.

How To Unlock Vivo x9 Using Inferno Tool (Unitool)

Now guys, hope until this point we are good. If you have the above requirements, then now let us see how we can unlock VIVO X9 using Inferno Tool. Also see, Tecno Y5S Privacy protection Remove with NCK. Otherwise, proceed.

Step 1

The most important thing is having this tool. Inferno tool or Unitool supports many phones and can perform various functions. This tool supports this model and in fact, it is even easier than using any other software. If you don’t have the tool, kindly reach me we can make an arrangement on how you can get yours. Launch Inferno tool and it will come up as shown below. On a lighter note, you can also check my other article on How to Unlock Password From Viwa i1717.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\OPPO A57FT 5.JPG

Step 2

Now, as you can see, the Inferno tool or unitool supports many other devices including Oppo smartphones. Now on the Inferno tool, select “OPPO” After that, you will see that there are two chipsets for Oppo. Mediatek and QUALCOMM. Our VIVO X9 is made of QUALCOMM CPU. So select QUALCOMM.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\OPPO A57FT 4.JPG


Now, under the options under QUALCOMM, you need to select the right option to unlock your VIVO X9. Now on the available options, select “FORMAT.”

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\OPPO A57FT 2.JPG

Now proceed to the next screen. On the next screen, just let it be on AUTO. Then go to the next screen by clicking on the “NEXT” tab just at the bottom right. You might get an error pop up but don’t worry just click on OK.

Step 4

Now, the Inferno tool will wait for you to connect your phone to the computer. Switch off the phone using the power key. Hold both volume up and volume down keys. Connect your oppo to the computer via USB Data cable. As soon as you hear the connection sound. Release the volume up and down keys then put your phone on a flat steady surface. Inferno will read and format your VIVO X9.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\oppo A57FT.JPG

As soon as it is done, the phone will reboot and power up on its own. Wait as it loads until it finally opens up. Complete the start-up settings and now you can use your phone.


This is the best and easiest method to unlock the VIVO X9 Smartphone. Remember to get everything right according to the article. If you don’t have these tool, kindly reach me I will be able to help you get the tool. Finally, kindly remember to support our work by subscribing to our website and also join others on our forum. In case you have a question about this article or any other that I have done before, kindly reach me on Facebook.


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