Repair IMEI on D LIGHT M100 With Meta tool Latest version

Hi dear reader. Welcome once again to our website where you get to learn more about technology. Do you have a D-light M100 smartphone? If you do and you are missing IMEI numbers after flashing or due to whatever reason that might have caused this problem, or simply want to change IMEI number, then you are the reader this article targets. Today, I am going to show you how to repair IMEI on the D LIGHT M100 smartphone.

This article is going to help you fix any problems related to IMEI issues. If you want to know to fix Invalid SIM on the D LIGHT M100 smartphone, then still read on to learn more in this same article. Remember you can also read more articles on our website to learn more about mobile software fixes and also more about computers.

Things to Consider Before Writing IMEI numbers

First, the most important thing you need to consider before you repair IMEI on any smartphone is to consider its chipset. Every chipset type has got its own IMEI repair tools. You cannot use the wrong IMEI repair tool on another chipset. D LIGHT M100 is an MTK smartphone. So repairing IMEI on Z81 lava should be just easy with the right tool. Now, I am going to show you how to repair IMEI on a D LIGHT M100 smartphone using a computer.

NOTE: Changing IMEI on a mobile phone is illegal! If caught, you may face the law. This article is solely for educational purposes only. Never change the IMEI number on a stolen phone it is a felony punishable by law. We shall not be responsible for your actions as a result of the information obtained here in this article.

How To Repair IMEI on D LIGHT M100 smartphone With Meta tool Latest version

Now, as I mentioned earlier, with the right IMEI repair tool, repairing IMEI on any MTK smartphone should be easy. Remember if you are experiencing any network problems due to IMEI numbers, then this process should be able to solve your problems even if you are not using D LIGHT M100 smartphone.

To repair the IMEI on the D LIGHT M100 smartphone, you will need to have the following tools.


  1. Windows computer
  2. Maui Meta tool. You can download Meta tool latest version on this link.
  3. Download MTK CDC and Download MTK CDC

Steps On How To Repair IMEI On D LIGHT M100 Smartphone Using Maui Meta Tool.

Now, carefully follow the following steps on how to repair IMEI on the D LIGHT M100 smartphone using the Maui Meta tool.

Step 1

Now, considering you have met the above-mentioned requirements and you have a windows PC and the right drivers downloaded and installed, download Meta tool from the link provided above. Extract the Zip file using 7 zip or WINRAR tools. Now, install and run Meta tool on your Windows computer.

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Step 2

Now, after running the Meta tool, you need to connect your phone to meta mode. Now, switch off your D LIGHT M100 smartphone. On the Meta tool, click on the CONNECT button. Then now, connect your phone to the computer via a USB data cable. The phone will boot up in Meta mode. You can see this from the bottom left side of the phone. As soon as your phone gets connected to the Meta tool, you will see at the bottom right Conner that your phone is now connected in Meta mode.

If you don’t get a connection, reboot your phone by holding the power key until the phone goes off and boots up again. Then repeat the process again. If you are having a driver signature problem, check our article about how to Remove Security Code on OPPO A37F 

Step 3

Now, having connected your phone to the Maui meta-tool, on the dashboard, at the top right side, click on LOAD DB. Now since you don’t have the DB file for this tool, just select to load from the device itself. It should load successfully.


If it doesn’t, try again. Or if you have the DB file, you can select to load it from the computer storage. Now, if successful in loading DB from the device, go to WRITE IMEI. Copy and paste your desired IMEI numbers for SIM 1 and SIM 2. Then click on WRITE. You will now see “write IMEI to target successfully “ During your free time, you can also read my article on How To Flash Tecno Camon 12 CC7

Step 4

Now, after you have successfully repaired IMEI on your D LIGHT M100 smartphone, you can now click on the Disconnect button on the right corner below the tool. Your phone will now reboot to normal. To check that your IMEI numbers are correctly written, go to your phone’s dialer, then dial *#06# to confirm your IMEI numbers are correct. If you had a problem with an invalid IMEI, then you should have your network restored again


Now dear reader, as I mentioned earlier in this article, changing IMEI numbers is illegal in most countries. This article is only to help you fix your phone in case you lost IMEI numbers after flashing but not for any illegal purposes.

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