How to remove FRP on Android MTK phones using MTK FRP Unlock tool

Have you ever encountered an FRP problem? If yes, then I have good news for you. There is an FRP removal tool that you can install it on your PC or laptop to remove FRP on any Android smartphone. Iam going to show you How to remove FRP on Android MTK phones using MTK FRP unlock tool. Using this tool involves some technical procedure that you will be required to perform. To use it, you will need to have some skills in mobile phone flashing. But if you don’t have skill in mobile phone flashing but you are good at grasping things quite quickly, then you can try it out.

FRP, if I have to explain just a little bit to those that don’t know, FRP in full means Factory Reset Protection. This is a security feature that is set by Google on its Android devices to carb mobile theft. It is a feature that was meant to protect your Android smartphone from being used by wrong people in case it is stolen and reset by a thief. To use the phone again, one will be required to use the google account that was previously set on the phone. This way, it is very hard for one to use a phone that doesn’t belong to him. But sometimes, you can forget your google account or maybe someone has sold you a phone with his own google account. There are different cases you might end up with an FRP problem. There are various ways you can remove FRP on Android as explained in some of our articles. But this method is quite easy and you are guaranteed that it will work on most Android MTK smartphones.

MTK FRP Unlock tool is an Android MTK smartphone FRP removal tool. I want you to be attentive here. This tool will only work on MTK smartphones ONLY. MTK FRP tool will work on most MTK chipsets. You can remove FRP on MTK Chipsets 6580, MT6572, MT6592 and MT6735. This tool will remove FRP on any Android MTK smartphone running on those chipsets.

How to remove FRP on Android MTK phones using MEDIATEK FRP Unlock tool

Now, having given you the information above about FRP and this tool, it is now time to put everything in practice. Follow the steps bellow on How to remove FRP on Android MTK phones using MTK FRP Unlock tool. Also check our article on How to Flash Samsung GT5301 Galaxy pocket

Step 1

First, you need to have MEDIATEK FRP Unlock tool. You can download MTK FRP Unlock tool here. Extract the zip file and launch MTK FRP Unlock tool on your windows computer.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\MTK FRP TOOL.PNG

Step 2

Now, in step 2, select the chipset of the phone you want to remove FRP from. If you are not sure, just google the specs of your phone’s model from the internet and you will find which chipset it is. In this example, Iam going to use MT6580. Now, click on MT6580 button from the above section of the MTK FRP Unlock tool. As shown below.

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C:\Users\HP\Pictures\MTK FRP TOOL.PNG

Now, after you click on MT6580 button, a folder will open with 2 files. The MT6580 scatter text file, and FRP bin file. Select all and copy them to a new folder somewhere you can locate.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\MTK FRP TOOL 1.PNG

Step 3

Now, back on the MEDIATEK FRP Unlock tool, on the dashboard, on the lower part, click on MT6580 as shown in the screenshot below.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\MTK FRP TOOL 2.PNG

A note pad document will open as shown below.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\MTK FRP TOOL.PNG

Take note of the codes displayed above. Don’t close the Notepad. Let it open. Proceed to the next step.

Step 4

Go back now to the MEDIATEK FRP Tool dashboard and click on the ‘SP_TOOL’ button. This in turn will open SP Flash tool. Click on the scatter loading to load the scatter file from the folder you saved the two files as explained in step 2. After the scatter file is loaded on SP Flash tool, you will see the files loaded on SP with only the FRP file checked as shown below.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\MTK FRP TOOL.PNG

Now, click on the Format button as shown on the screen shot above.

Under the format screen, hoping you didn’t close the notepad window as explained in step 3, click on the ‘manual format Flash’ button.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\MTK FRP TOOL.PNG

Step 5

Now, replace the B-HEX=0x4FA0000 and F-HEX=0x100000 in the notepad with Begin Address and Format length in SP Flash tool as seen below. Note that just copy and paste the codes in the Begin Address and Format length from 0. Don’t include the ‘FHEX’ or ‘B-HEX’

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\MTK FRP TOOL.PNG

Step 6

This is now the final step. After you have copied the codes in the Begin address and Format length fields, now click the START button. Now, Switch off the phone, remove the battery and place it back if it has a removable battery. If it has a non-removable battery, just long-press the power button to power it off. Connect the USB cable to the USB port on your computer, hold the volume up button and insert the USB cable to your phone. Wait until you see ‘DONE’ on SP Flash tool, just like you always do when flashing a ROM on SP Flash tool. Disconnect your MTK phone, power it on and finish the startup settings.


Note that when you move your mouse over MEDIATEK FRP Unlock tool, you will hear beeping sound. It is normal. There is no cause for alarm

Make sure to copy the HEX codes correctly in the Begin address and Format length fields. Iam going to make a video of this procedure and you can catch it on our YouTube Channel. Thank you all for reading.

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