How to reduce usage of storage space on android phones

I love android and maybe you do too and that’s why i will share with you how to reduce usage of storage space on android phones.reduce usage of storage space on android phones Average android users have 2 to 16 GB of internal memory. 16 gigabytes of storage sounds like a lot, but as soon as you start to add apps and content, it quickly begins to feel small and poky. It’s at this point that people start to regret not spending the extra money on a higher-capacity device, but then you really went out of your way to land that one so. Having enough memory can help Make Your Android Device run Faster

But with a little bit of thought and planning, you can make it so that 16 gigabytes of storage is adequate. And I want you to know that I feel your pain. I am usually too thrifty to add all the Rock albums I can get into my remaining 9GB after android takes up a solid 6GB!!!! I mean seriously even Windows 10 itself doesn’t need that much space.
Here’s how I squeeze the most out of my 16GB:

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How to reduce usage of storage space on android phones

  1. Rely on Stock Apps 

Get used to using Mail, Calendar, Browser and such. These are on your device and you can’t remove them unless you’re into Rooting and all, so you might as well make use of them. Also, remember that anything else you download is just going to consume precious megabytes.

2. Make Use of Cloud Storage

Whether that be Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive or whatever else takes your fancy, every megabyte you can move to the cloud is a megabyte saved.

3. Stream, Don’t download

If you have the bandwidth to handle streaming music and video, then this is another great way to save on storage. The flipside is that if you don’t have unlimited internet access, streaming over broadband or cellular can get expensive. You’re a big Music lover, and Streaming is synonymous to names like Spotify, Pandora or Slacker. We don’t have these available but then its the internet age and there are numerous alternatives. Tunein, SoundCloud, AccuRadio just to mention a few.

4. Get your Photos Under control 

Offload the bulk of your photos to a cloud storage provider. If you need to keep photos on your device then a great app to use is Google Photos. Google photos now allows you to delete and compress photos and video. It used sophisticated algos that will blow you away.

It recognizes things in your photos so for instance, that old pic of your ex in a purple dress, just search “Purple Dress’ and there you go. Also, keep your photos simple. The Live Photos, HDR and Night Shots feature on the latest handsets is particularly heavy on storage.

5. Delete/ uninstall unnecessary apps

Get rid of any apps that you don’t use. If there’s something you only use occasionally then remember that you can always redownload it from the Google Play Store.

6. No 4k Videos

High-resolution video is the fastest way to chew through storage. Unless you’re using your Phone to film the next Nollywood blockbuster then 1080p is good enough. 720p is also very acceptable.

We Android Die-hard fans have a lot to celebrate as vicious competition among OEMs means things like expandable storage. However hard people try to kill them will always come back due to public demand. You have an 8GB Internal memory phone. worry not, buy yourself a 32GB SD Card and you’re GOLDEN.

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That is how to reduce usage of storage space on android phones. Enjoy.

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