How To Bypass/Remove FRP on Tecno Droid PAD D702AS Tablet

Hello, readers welcome again. I am going to show you How To Bypass/Remove Frp On Tecno Droid Pad D702AS tablet. FRP also means Factory Reset Protection. FRP is a security feature by Google to protect Android smartphones against theft. Whenever your phone gets into wrong hands and it is protected by a password or any phone lock code, it will prevent someone from using it unless it is hard reset. After a hard reset, password or any preset phone lock is removed as well as all other user data and files are wiped from the internal storage. With this having been done, the thief, or anyone who picked up your phone in a cafe or anywhere you forgot it, will start using it as if it were new.

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Factory reset protection(FRP), is a security patch patched up on Android smartphone starting from Android 5 and above to protect smartphones from being used even after being wiped. With FRP, you will require to sign in with the previous Google account to proceed to finish the setup in order to start using the phone again. But things go wrong. Sometimes we set up Google account on these phones and as soon as we start using the phone, we forget it completely until we get into dire need of those log in details after a phone reset. Today, I am going to show you How to Bypass/Remove FRP on Tecno Droid Pad D702AS tablet.

How to Remove/Bypass FRP on Tecno Droid Pad D702AS tablet using Miracle Box.

The reason as to why I have chosen to show you How To Remove Frp On Tecno Droid Pad D702AS is that it is actually very hard to remove FRP on this tablet. All other tricks you see online that involve weaving one’s way through the settings to get to the internet is not a guarantee. FRP APK will not open on this tablet. Therefore, trying to weave your way to the internet to download FRP APK on this tablet will disappoint you because finally, the app will not open other than just collapse. Google account manager, doesn’t open up in quick shortcut maker too. If you have ever tried to remove FRP on Tecno Droid Pad D702as, then you understand what I am talking about. This leaves you to another very desperate option. Which is, to install a new custom ROM. Now, the hard thing with this is to get Tecno D702AS firmware is hard to come by. The only few websites having it, they are selling. This now leaves you devastated and not knowing what to do. But, today I come with good news. I am going to show you How to bypassRemove FRP on Tecno Droid Pad D702AS using Miracle box.

Step 1

After you have done everything and got no result, this becomes the only way you can Remove FRP on Tecno D7 tablet. Now, hoping that you have miracle box on your PC, Run miracle box as Administrator. Wait until it loads up and opens.

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C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\TECNO DROID PAD P702SA FRP 2.PNG

Step 2

In this step, now, click on “Unlock/Fix” button. After that, under “Unlock/Fix” click on “Clear Setting/FRP” button as shown in the screenshot below. Now, click on “Start Button”.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\TECNO DROID PAD P702SA FRP 4.PNG

Step 3

Now, having followed the steps above, your Miracle Box is now already set and the next thing to do is now connect your Tecno Droid PAD D702AS tablet to your PC. Insert a data USB cable in your computer’s USB port. Switch off your Tecno D702AS tablet off by long pressing the power button. Wait for it to completely shut down. Now, while holding the volume up key, connect your tablet to the USB cable. Miracle Box will detect your tablet and in a few moments, will start resetting your FRP settings on your Tecno Droid PAD D702AS tablet. After the reset is done, you will see the message in blue and 100% progress bar. See screenshot below.

C:\Users\Mr. Priest\Pictures\TECNO DROID PAD P702SA FRP.PNG

Step 4

That having done, FRP has now been reset on your Tecno Droid PAD. Unplug your tablet from the USB cable. For other phones with removable batteries, you simply remove the battery, place it back and power on the phone. But Tecno Droid PAD D702AS tablet has an internal non-removable battery. Now, long press the power key for long until it boots up. Now, go through the startup steps and start using your tablet without FRP.

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