How To Fix Tecno F1/F1 pro stuck on Fastboot mode

Hello beloved readers. It’s great to have you back to our blog site. Today, we are going to learn how to fix Tecno F1 pro stuck on Fastboot mode. Welcome and read with me. First, Tecno F1 comes with different firmware variants. You need to be careful about which firmware you are flashing. If you have Techno F1 pro stuck on Fastboot or stuck on boot mode? Worry not, for I am going to show you how to fix this problem. First, you have to understand that this problem is caused by a software issue. Most of the time the first thing that comes to your mind is to perform a hard reset. But even if you do, you still will end up with the same issue. This simply means that the only remaining remedy to fix Tecno F1 Fastboot problem is to flash a new stock ROM.

How To Flash Tecno F1 Stock ROM And Fix Fastboot Mode Issue.

Now, at least up to this point I have given you a clue of what is exactly wrong to your phone. The remedy to this problem of Tecno F1 stuck on Fastboot mode is to flash a new stock ROM. But before you proceed to Flash Tecno F1 Stock ROM and Fix Fastboot Mode Issue, you need to take this point clearly. You are required to know what stock firmware ID that is already on your phone. If you want to check which firmware version your phone is operating on, just try to get to the recovery menu by trying to hard reset your phone. Alternatively, if you have Miracle box tool, just read the phone’s information then search online for the firmware ID you’ve found. This is important to make sure that you find the write firmware version for your device. Flashing your phone with incompatible firmware will lead to your phone being bricked and not being able to work again. You can also read our article on How to upgrade Infinix hot X507, x551 to lollipop.

What you need to Flash Tecno F1 Stock ROM to Fix Fastboot mode

The following are the things you will need to have in order to flash your Tecno F1/F1 Pro to fix Fastboot mode. Check and make sure you have these requirements:

  1. Windows computer/Laptop
  2. Tecno F1 Pro stock firmware (Put into consideration the firmware version)
  3. Android MTK and CDC drivers.
  4. USB data cable
  5. Technical mobile flashing skills.

Steps to Flash Tecno F1 Stock ROM to fix Fastboot mode

Now, having given you the first-hand information above, the remaining part is now to flash the Stock ROM on Tecno F1. By the end of this procedure, you should be able to have your phone in a normal way as before. Follow the following steps carefully.

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Step 1

This first step is very important. Download Tecno F1 stock firmware for your Tecno F1 smartphone. Put into consideration the firmware version. Make sure it is the same or an upgrade of what is on the phone. Download Tecno F1 firmware and extract it in a folder on your Windows PC that you can easily navigate to.

Step 2

After you have downloaded your firmware file in step 1 above, you need to get the tool in which you will flash your firmware file to your Tecno F1 smartphone. In this case, you need the latest version of the SP Flash tool. You can download the latest version of the SP Flash tool online. Extract it and launch the application as shown in the screenshot below.

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C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\TECNO F1.PNG

Step 3

Now on the SP flash tool dashboard, Click on the “CHOOSE” folder. Navigate to the firmware folder you extracted in step 1 above and load the scatter file. All the images or the partition file will be loaded on the SP flash tool as shown below.

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\TECNO F1.PNG

Step 4

Click now on the Download arrow. The arrow in green. Switch off your Tecno F1 phone, or simply remove the battery and place it back. Hold both the volume up and down buttons. Connect your phone to the computer using a USB data cable. Flashing will begin immediately. Be patient until flashing progress reaches 100% and a green checkmark appears on the top with the word DOWNLOAD OK.

C:\Users\MR. ABALA\Pictures\TECNO F1 8+1E Flash.JPG

This is a good indication that your new stock ROM has been downloaded successfully on your internal memory. Disconnect your phone from the computer, remove the battery and place it back. Hold the power key to boot up the phone. It might take some time to Finnish so you need to be patient. After it is done, finish the setup settings and now use your phone.


Kindly take note that, the firmware file link provided in this article is for Tecno F1 (F1-VP510EFG-GO-191205V16). There might be a slight variation in the last numbers, i.e (191205V16). But it is because of the update or downgrade but it should just work well. If your phone doest boot up after flashing, try another different firmware file.


Flash your phone at your own risk. Flashing your phone will void your warranty and might lead to your phone being totally damaged. Technology sage will not take any responsibility in case something happens to your phone. Follow the above steps carefully.

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