How to Make Your Android Device run Faster

Have you ever wondered How to Make Your Android Device run Faster? Most of my friends and people I have met keep asking me why my not-so- high-end Android phones look and feel so snappy lately and wonder if I overclocked the phones. Truth is I haven’t. I haven’t even rooted it yet, let alone find an appropriate Kernel tuner for them. It’s actually something I immediately do after getting a new Android phone or after reset them which is something I Make Your Android Device run Fasterunfortunately do more than I would like. It’s a quick little tip that anyone with a Kitkat or newer Android phone (I’m sure it works with previous versions) can do so I figured I’d share how to quickly make your phone feel a lot faster.

As a pre-requisite, I would advice you check out How to protect your smartphone from viruses and How to reduce usage of storage space on android phones just to make sure that your phone is not being slowed down by low memory or virus.

Steps to Make Your Android Device run Faster

1. On the phone, head to Settings by pulling down the notification shade and tapping the gear at the top right. You can use whatever other way gets you into the settings menu.Make Your Android Device run Faster


2. Then head to about phone and we’re going to enable developer options by tapping build number repeatedly until it tells you that you are a developer. Skip this step if you have developer mode enabled.Make Your Android Device run Faster

3. Then tap back, then tap on the new developer options that just appeared. Make Your Android Device run Faster

4. Then scroll down until you see the Drawing section. In there you’ll see three options that we’re going to change. Window animation scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale. Tap each one and change the duration to anything less than one with the lower number being the fastest feeling.Make Your Android Device run Faster

5. Then you can hit the home button and open spots to test his it feels.

Essentially what each of these options does is control how long the device’s animations take between launching apps, loading screens, etc. We didn’t make the phone faster technically but you’ll see that it’ll feel faster since some of the animations take longer than the loading the app and make it seem to be taking longer to load. Set these options to 10x and you’ll see an exaggerated example of this.

That’s How to Make Your Android Device run Faster. To undo this simply set everything back to 1x.

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