Watch DSTV on Android Phone For Free with Mobdro App

Everyone wants to know how to Watch DSTV on Android Phone For Free. We at Technology Sage just found a solution for all the sages. I had done an article earlier on How to watch dstv online for free, and now I am making it even sweeter and simpler. We all know DSTV encompasses so many channels and having the live links to watch these premium channels at the touch of a button is a dream come true for any like-minded individual.

With this method, you can stream over 1000 channels on your android phone and on your laptop/PC. The functionality of this app is also provided by Kodi TV, where you can watch live English premier league football matches using Live Premiership addon. In this article, however, I will focus on how to Watch DSTV on Android Phone For Free. Also, check out this free DSTV software download for PC.

How to Watch DSTV on Android TV

Check out this link for information on how to stream live sports on android TV: How to Watch Sports Channels and Live Football on Android Smart TV. 

 How to Watch DSTV on Android Phone For FreeHow to Watch DSTV on Android Phone

Let me do an overview of what I am dropping in today. This simple trick simply uses an already developed mobile app called Mobdro (All credit to the developers of this App). With this app installed on the phoHow to Watch DSTV on Android Phone For Freene, you have access to various channels categorized into various categories. the categories include; news, shows, movies, sports (favorite 1), music, gaming, animals, Tech (favorite 2), podcasts, Spiritual and Others. From the look of these categories, almost everyone if not all are covered. You can also have a look at these free Android apps that can stream live tv for free.

I will highlight in sentence form the first five channels in each category so you know what to expect in the order in which they appear above.

  • Watch NBS, CNN, FOX NEWS, BLOOMBERG, SKY NEWS on android phone for free News
  • Watch Adventure time, better call Call, community, regular show, family guy on android phone for free.- Shows
  • Watch Movies 24/7, HD Movies, All kinds of movies, Now playing, war movies on android phone for free Movies
  • Watch ESPN, SKY SPORTS (1,2,3,4,f1), BT SPORTS 1 & 2, Liverpool TV, MUTV, Chelsea TV, Olympics, premier league, champions league, fa cup, europa league on android phone for free Sports.
  • Watch MTV hits UK, The Vault, D17, VEVO hits on android phones for free.

How to Watch DSTV on Android Phone For Free

Requirements to Watch DSTV on Android Phone;

  1. Android Phone running android 2.5 and Up.
  2. Internet connection.
  3. An Android app called Mobdro

Watch DSTV on Android Phone For Free; Procedure

  1. Download and install Mobdro to your Android device. Download Mobdro Here
  2. Open the app, select any category you wish to view channels in.
  3. Tap on the channel of your choice and there you have it.

Remember for you to enjoy free satellite TV on your android, or rather Watch DSTV on Android Phone For Free, you need to have a strong internet connection. This will ensure the quality of the streams is enhanced your own user experience too. There is an alternative methode to achieve this and involves use of Kodi Tv for Android. Check it out too. With this in the dock, hope you manage to watch live dstv channels on android for free, watch paid tv on android for free and subsequently watch satellite TV on android for free.

Watch the app in action in the video below;

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