How To unlock Nokia TA 1270 M-Kopa Smartphone.

Hello readers. Welcome to technologysage blog. In today’s article, I am going to show how to unlock password on Nokia TA 1270 M-Kopa smartphone. If you have forgotten your security code on your M-Kopa Nokia 2.4 and you want to reset it, then this article is going to do you more good and help you unlock Nokia TA 1270 M-Kopa smartphone. The truth of the matter is that if you have forgotten what your security unlock PIN or pattern was on this phone, then you are in some kind of trouble. Why? Because M-Kopa have made unlocking Nokia TA 1270 M-Kopa smartphone a big challenge because the security on this phone is on another level.

Removing unlock code on other Nokia 2.4 smartphones is somewhat outright easier and direct. But on Nokia TA 1270 M-Kopa smartphone, you cannot do a hard reset on this phone. Totally it is not possible. I know before you finally got here, you have tried to do your research and probably tried various ways but without success. But now your search ends here now. I am going to show you how to unlock password on Nokia TA 1270 M-Kopa smartphone and continue using your phone.

How to Wipe and Unlock Nokia TA 1270 M-Kopa smartphone

Now, as I have mentioned earlier, resetting the Nokia 1270 M-Kopa smartphone IS NOT possible. You cannot get to the recovery menu. No software or any tool can help you reset this phone. For those who might have tried TFM, you know I am telling you the truth. You cannot even boot this phone into Fast boot mode. When you try to get into fast boot mode, Nokia TA 1270 M-Kopa smartphone will display something like this at the bottom: “as block fastboot was set….” Your Nokia 2.4 will then reboot after a countdown of a few seconds. And in this state, your phone can not be connected or detected to the computer in fastboot mode. But still, there is a way on how to unlock password on Nokia TA 1270 M-Kopa smartphone. There are some of the items you will be required to have.


  1. Windows PC
  2. Nokia TA 1270 M-Kopa Reset files
  3. SP Flash tool
  4. USB Data cable.

Step by step procedure on how to remove Security lock on Nokia 2.4

Now, you need to make sure that you have the above mentioned requirements in order to unlock security password on M-Kopa Nokia TA 1270 smartphone. Without the above requirements, you cannot be able to perform this task. If you have all the above requirements, then follow the next Step by step procedure on how to remove Security lock on Nokia 2.4. If interested, check also my other article on How to Remove Password on Nokia TA 1233 With No Factory Reset/Wipe Option in Recovery Menu.

Step 1

The first step towards unlocking this phone is to first get the Nokia TA 1270 M-Kopa reset files. These are the files that you are going to unlock this phone with. Without them you cannot. You can Download the Nokia TA 1270 M-Kopa Reset files from the link provided here. After you have downloaded the Nokia TA 1270 M-Kopa Reset files, Extract the zip file on your computer. This Zip file is very small, less than 2mbs.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\NOKIA 1270 2.4 Reset files.JPG

Step 2

Now, after downloading the Nokia 2.4 reset files from step 1 above and extracted, you also need to download another tool called MTK bypass tool. This tool will help you bypass the authentication security since this phone will require auth file to flash the above. Since you don’t have an Auth. File, you will need a tool that will help bypass the authentication since this phone is a secure bootloader phone. Download MTK bypass tool here. Extract the zip file on your computer and install the libusb drivers then start the tool.


Step 3

Now, Extract sp flash tool. Run it. Load the scatter file from the Nokia 2.4 M-Kopa reset file folder. As shown below. I don’t want to go into a detailed explanation on how to use SP Flash tool. Am assuming you know how to use it and you have technical knowledge in mobile phone flashing.


There are only two partitions needed and included in the file. Only Preloader and User data. After loading the Nokia TA 1270 scatter file, proceed to step 4. Also read: How to Flash Safaricom Neon Ray and Fix Boot mode/Stuck on Fastboot Issues.

Step 4

Now, listen carefully. Flashing this phone is not business as usual like the way you flash other MTK phones. Follow this procedure carefully step by step. At this point, do not click on the Download button on SP Flash tool. Go to your MTK bypass tool. We had opened it in step 2 above. Click on BYPASS button.


Now you will see “Waiting for Brom”


Now, power off your Nokia 2.4, hold both volume up and volume down simultaneously. Connect your phone to the computer using USB Data cable. MTK Bypass tool will detect your phone and bypass the Authentication security as shown below.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\NOKIA 1270 2.4 1.JPG

Step 5

Now, you will realize that your phone doest boot up now like it used to do when you insert the USB cable. Now go to the SP Flash tool. Do not remove your phone from the computer. Let it be just as it is at a stable surface. Now on SP Flash tool, click on the DOWNLOAD button. You will realize that there is an error that comes up. Don’t worry. Try again. You will see that now flashing will begin. Let it finish. It should be so quick because you are only flashing PRELOADER and USERDATA.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\NOKIA 1270 2.4.JPG

As soon as this is done, disconnect your phone from the computer, power it up and finish the set up procedure, complete your M-Kopa payment or if you had already done the payment, you can now continue using your phone now. That is the best and easiest method on How to unlock security on Nokia TA 1270 M-Kopa smartphone.


This method is the easiest and as you can see from the screenshots, I have personally tested it myself. Remember this process will only remove your unlock security whether password, PIN or pattern and not your MKOPA payment. Though if you want to bypass the M-Kopa payment and use your phone freely, kindly reach me personally. I can make it happen. Lastly, this method will also work on any NOKIA 2.4 or NOKIA TA 1270 smartphone even if it is not from MKOPA. After the reset, you might be required to bypass FRP. Thank you for reading and always remember to support my work. Kindly subscribe to our technologysage blog site to receive updates as soon as we publish. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Also join others on Technologysage Forum.

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