Phone can’t connect to WiFi but laptop can, how to fix this.

When your phone can’t connect to Wi-Fi while other devices you have can connect to the same Wi-Fi network, you need to know that there are various reasons behind this and as many solutions. With the many advantages that come with using a Wi-Fi network rather than a data plan, it could be frustrating when all your efforts at connecting your device to the network are thwarted. Read Also: How to Access WiFi for Free without Password on Android Phone. Phone can’t connect to WiFi but laptop can Here, we focus on the various ways in which you can go about if your phone can’t connect to WiFi but the laptop computer can, and it is the same Wi-FI network.

  1. Passwords

The first reason you could be locked out of the network is the password of the device. Given that your laptop is able to connect to the same Wi-Fi network, it means that you have its password. Most people make mistakes when typing a password whether it’s for a Wi-Fi network or other accounts. Check to confirm that all the uppercase, lowercase, special characters and others are exactly the way they are before going to the next solutions. If the password is correct, it is time to check for the next solutions.

2. Wi-Fi Name

One other common mistake people make which logging into a Wi-Fi network is the name of the network. Trust people to come up with weird and confusing names for their networks. Double-check the name of your network for the best results.


3. Airplane mode

Most people rarely use the airplane mode settings of their devices. Whether you have the correct login details but have the airplane mode turned on without your knowledge, your phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi network even when the other devices are able to do so. Turn off the airplane mode and try connecting again.

4. The Wi-Fi settings

Aside from the name and password for your network, make sure you have turned on the Wi-Fi in the settings of your device. If pulling down the notification bar from the top of the screen and turning on the Wi-Fi option does not work, go into the settings to turn it on.

5. Authentication

When you get the Authentication failed message, the first aspects to check is your name and password for the password. However, if you have checked these and still come up with the same message, there is a trick that has been used to solve the issue in totality. Follow these steps to resolve it:

  • First, go into the settings or the notification panel to turn the Wi-Fi and the mobile data off.
  • Turn on the airplane mode for your device.
  • With the airplane mode still active, turn the Wi-Fi on and connect it to the Wi-Fi in question.
  • Turn the airplane mode off and use your device as desired.

These simple tricks solve the issue you may be having when your phone can’t connect to Wi-Fi network. All these methods may not solve your problem. If you come to that, you may need to reset your device to factory settings then try connecting it to the Wi-Fi network as a last resort.

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