How to Watch Sports Channels and Live Football on Android Smart TV

Hello, here is a quick tutorial on how to Watch Sports Channels and Live Football on Android Smart TV. With this method, you can stream live football matches, live premier league matches in Full HD on your Android Smart TV or Android TV Box. Kindly note that this method only works on smart TVs that are running the Android Operating system. We had earlier looked at how to unscramble digital TV and decoders for free premium channels and now this is a solution for Android TV users.

Watch Live football on Android TV & Android TV Box

As per the title of this publication, we will tackle step by step how to stream live sports channels on your Android TV or Android TV Box. The channels that you will have access to are more than 100. They include but are not limited to Supersport channels, Sky Sports, BT Sports, Bein, ESPN, FOX Sports, Star Sports, Sony Ten, among others. How this works is that you basically get an android APK file, which you can then install on your TV, Open the App and click on a channel to stream it live.Latest Android TV APP to stream Live football - APK file

Requirements to Stream Live Football on Android TV

  1. Android Smart TV
  2. Stong Internet Connection
  3. Android TV Sports- APK file
  4. Ability to follow instructions 😀

How to Watch Live Sports Channels On Android TV

We will explain this in phrase form, basing our explanation and instructions on the requirements mentioned above. This is where your ability to follow instructions comes, on a light note. Well, now that we have that out of the way, let me emphasize that this method does not work on all smart TVs, but it’s guaranteed to work on any Android Smart TV, What this means is that it is a smart TV, yes, and it’s also running Android Operating System. This method also works on Android TV boxes. We have Tested this on TCL Android TV, Vitron Android TV, Royal Android TV, etc.

  1. You’ll need to download the Android TV Sports- APK file. You can download directly using your Android TV downloader or file manager. Alternatively, download using your phone or computer, copy the file to your flash drive and transfer it to your Android TV or Android TV box.Live football matches on Android TV
  2. Navigate to the file manager of your Android TV or Android TV Box, look for the downloaded file in step one above, click on it and proceed to epl on android TV
  3. Once the installation is done, The app should appear in your list of Apps. Click on the installed app to open it. You will then see a list of sports channels, scroll through them and click on the one you want to watch.Watch live football on Android TV
  4. My favorite one is SUper Sports Premier League. In the screenshot below, we clicked on the supersport Premier league icon. The second supersport icon in the second last row. The video quality is very good and no buffering. You need to have fast internet speeds to avoid buffering. Football on Android Smart TV

Download Android TV APP to Stream Live Football

As you might have noticed, this method depends on the mentioned app. We provide you with the APK file which you can download and install. We do not intent to infringe on the copyright of the owners and this information is provided for educational purposes only. Kindly check with your statutory law before streaming any premium content online for free. That said, get the Android TV Sports APP Apk file Here. 


Enjoy your newfound sports freedom. In some rare cases, streaming of these channels may be blocked by your internet provider, you can bypass this by using these tried and tested VPN Services to mask your internet activity. Subscribe for future updates and updates to this post as well. Until next time. bye.

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