How to use a Laptop as a public address system to address crowds

Ever wondered whether it is possible to use Laptop as a public address system, that is, a PA system and a Microphone to address crowds. In this article, I will explain hot to use a Laptop as a public address system. If you have a function, meeting, family meeting, congregation, class or just any other meeting and you are thinking of how to use your laptop’s microphone or add a microphone to your laptop and connect some speakers to the laptop just to enhance the sound projection, then the solution is
 here.Procedure on how to use a Laptop as a public address system;

  1. Go to the system tray in the task bar where the battery icon is located.
  2. Right click on the Speaker icon.
  3. In the several menus that appear, click on Recording devices.
  4. A pop up window will appear displaying a list of microphones that are currently connected on your computer or laptop. If you do not have external microphones connected to your laptop, you will probably see only one microphone which is the inbuilt one. It is these microphones that will solve our puzzle; how use a Laptop as a public address system.
  5. Click on/ select the microphone you want to use, then click on properties.
  6. A new pop up window will appear, click on the tab written ‘Listen’
  7. You will see a check box with a label ‘Listen to this device’, click on that check box to mark it.
  8. when that is done, just click on Apply. As soon as you hit on apply, you will hear the effect of the microphone. You will discover that when you speak in the respective mic (selected in step 5 above) the voice will be amplified into the default laptop or computer speakers.
  9. The last step is to hit on OK.

You can enhance the sound if you need to address a congregation or a multitude by simply connecting external speakers to the laptop or computer. This can be anything from hoofers, sub hoofers, home theaters and the like.

The video below explains all the procedure above, that is, how to use a Laptop as a public address system in full. Feel free to watch it for further clarification


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