What are the features of a netbook?

If you are considering buying a portable laptop, you could be wondering what the features of a netbook are since it is a compelling option. In its basic description, a netbook is a lightweight laptop with premium features. Netbooks are built for online work and less for offline jobs. For this reason, they are built to be light and versatile. Read also: How to Build Power Bank Using Old Laptop Battery.  Among the features of netbooks include:

Lightweight: Netbooks are meant to be carried around for work on the move. For that matter, they are built with light parts so that the total weight is not more than three pounds heavy. They will weigh as little as a pound or even less. This will allow you to carry it in your hand and use it with the other without an issue.

Medium Screen: Given their level of portability, netbooks are built with medium-sized screens. That places them between 9 inches to 12 inches. This way, it can fit into smaller bags and occupy less space on a desk. The smaller screen also makes it easy to limit the weight of the netbook to a few pounds.What are the features of a netbook

Intel Atom Processor: Given that netbooks do not require that much processing power, Intel Atom processors are the preferred option for them. Intel Atom processors are not very powerful when compared to the Intel i-series of processors but are very efficient in power usage and carrying out routine tasks. They are thus great for doing work while away from power sources such as on the road and other areas.

Small RAM memory: Given that netbooks are meant to carry out online work and very few heavy tasks offline, there is no need for a large amount of random access memory (RAM). Netbooks will thus have RAM of about one to four gigabytes. If you need a more powerful netbook, you can have those but they are often very costly with most of them going for about $1,000 and even more.

Minimalist ports: Given the thin profile common with most netbooks, vendors can only manage to cram in a few ports on the computer. In most cases, you will rarely find a port above or below another one. They will be placed along the side of the laptop and a few at the back. They have the 3.5mm audio in and out ports, an Ethernet port, one to three USB ports, SD card reader, and at times a VGA outlet.

Reliant on Wireless Networks: The one trait setting netbooks apart from the rest of the laptops and computers, in general, is the fact that they heavily rely on wireless forms of communication above everything else. You will find the latest Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and so on. Some even have infrared blasters for compatible devices. This way, you will rarely miss the lack of enough ports on the devices since you can communicate with other devices using the wireless protocols available.

These features of netbooks help in pushing them as the ultimate portable laptops.

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