KGTEL K401 Feature Phone Security Unlock Code Remove.

Mobile technology has improved a lot in recent years. From a wide range of new smartphones on the market to also new and modern feature phones. Almost everyone wants to use a smartphone because of the good features and an array of exciting apps. But some still want to go the feature phone way. Among the new brands of modern feature phones, we have right now is the KGTEL K401 feature phone. This phone is a good phone with basic features like Bluetooth capability, games, radio, vibration, mp3, 3gp media players, calendar among others. But if you are locked out of it because of a forgotten security lock, then that is where the trouble begins. But until this moment, worry not because you are covered. In today’s article, I am going to show you how to unlock KGTEL K401feature phone.


Remember that to unlock KGTEL K401feature phone, it is different unlocking feature phones from unlocking smartphones. With smartphones, you can easily do a hard reset through the recovery menu which you can easily access by a combination of keys. To unlock KGTEL K301smartphone, you will need a mobile flashing tool to be able to do that. Alternatively, you can flash just the stock ROM with a research download tool. Unfortunately, there is no pac. file available for this phone as per the time this article is being published. The only remaining way to unlock KGTEL K401feature phone is to use a flashing tool as I am going to show you. Carefully read with me how to unlock KGTEL K401feature phone. Check also my other article on How To Unlock Infinix X510 And Remove FRP or Google Account.

How To Unlock Security Or Phonelock On KGTEL K401Feature Phone Using Miracle Box.

Now as I mentioned earlier, you can not hard reset feature phones. You need to have a mobile flashing tool to unlock security codes on feature phones. Now. KGTEL K401feature phone is not an exception.

Requirements To Unlock Security Code On KGTEL K401Feature Phone.

You need to have the following things in order to unlock KGTEL K401password or security code. Make sure you have them ready.

  1. Windows computer
  2. Miracle box ver 2.82 and higher already installed and working
  3. SPD drivers
  4. USB data cable.

Procedure On How To Unlock KGTEL K401Feature Phone With Miracle Box

Now, having the above requirements ready, kindly, keenly follow the procedure below to unlock security code on KGTEL K401feature phone.

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Step 1

On your Windows computer, launch Miracle Box 2.82. Remember that any Miracle Box tool with a version lesser than 2.82 will not work because it doesn’t support this phone’s CPU type. Make sure you are using the recommended version of Miracle Box. On the Miracle Box tool dashboard, click on Coolsand/RDA as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 2

Now in step 2, having completed the above procedure, now still on the Dashboard, click on the Read info button. This will make the miracle box read all the data from your KGTEL K401feature phone and display it from the tool interface.


After that click on the START BUTTON just below on the dashboard.

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Step 3

Until this point, hope you are following keenly. Now, the remaining part is very important. To now connect your phone to the computer to unlock KGTEL K401phone. Power of your phone. Or rather, you can remove the battery and place it back. Now, hold the boot key, which is the key just above the calling button.


hold the boot key while your phone is off. Now connect your phone to the USB data cable. Your phone should be connected and detected by the miracle box. Be patient as the miracle box reads your phone information. After it’s complete, use the unlock code to unlock your phone and then perform a hard reset using the same code.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\KGTEL K401.PNG


I have personally performed this procedure and it works pretty well. If you don’t have the tool, you can kindly contact me. Then the challenge comes with the connection. You might not get a connection if you don’t hold the correct boot key. Make sure you hold the right boot key. Sometimes you may discover that somewhere halfway during reading, everything stops. To go about this, make sure that your battery has got enough charge. Also, make sure that your USB data cable is ok and flawless. Keep reaping the process until everything is done. Thanks all and if you found this helpful, kindly share and subscribe to our website and like our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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