How to Format Nokia TA1139 Feature Phone And Remove Security Lock

Hello dear readers. Welcome again to the technology sage blog site where tech meets institution. Thank you all for being so supportive. Well, I will not waste much time, for today’s article, I am going to show you how to format Nokia TA1139 feature phone and remove the security lock. I hope at the end of this article, you will be able to unlock your Nokia TA1139 feature phone and be able to use it again. Sometimes, it’s quite frustrating to realize that you can’t access your phone anymore, however small it might be. For some reason, people tend to forget their own passcodes. Yes, it might seem so awkward, but it happens. It might be your own phone or your immediate relative’s. Also read How to bypass FRP On Samsung A10S Without SIM CARD

Unlocking security locks on feature phones is quite different from how we do it on smartphones. For smartphones, a combination of buttons will put your phone in recovery mode where you can simply wipe your phone. But in the case of feature phones, it quite complex since you can’t put the phone in recovery mode physically. To unlock your phone, you will have to go pro by using computer software to flash your phone. So for this case, I am going to show you how to format Nokia TA1139 feature phone and remove the security lock. As mentioned earlier, this process requires one to have a computer. If you don’t have a computer, then this article cannot help you. But if you have a computer or can access one, then proceed to learn how to format Nokia TA1139 feature phone and remove the security lock. Kindly also check my article about How to find a WiFi password on a router connected to a PC with an Ethernet cable.

How To Format Nokia TA1139 Feature Phone And Remove Security Lock Miracle Box Method.

Now, If you have a computer, then this method will help you. But before that, there are a few things you will be required to have.


  1. Windows Computer. If you have a laptop or Desktop it will just work
  2. Miracle Box ver. 2.58 and higher
  3. USB Data cable
  4. MTK Drivers installed.

Procedure On How To Format Nokia TA1139 Feature Phone And Remove Security Lock.

Launch Miracle Box

For this tutorial, we are going to use the Miracle box as our Flashing tool. For this particular phone, I used Miracle Box tool version 2.82. If you have a slightly lower version that supports this boot, then it should still just serve the purpose as well. If you don’t have the tool, then liaise with me we can make arrangements on how you can get the tool. Now launch Miracle Box tool. After you have launched the tool, proceed to the next step.

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Select Boot type

Now, after launching Miracle Box too, you are on the right way towards Unlocking your Nokia TA1139 feature phone using a computer. So now, you need to select the right boot for your phone. To do so, under BOOT SELECT, click on the drop-down arrow, and on the list of the boot, carefully select “Boot (NOKIA RM 1110/1/1133/4) (USB)



Now, after selecting the Nokia TA1139 boot type, as shown above, it is now time to flash your phone and unlock Nokia TA1139 feature phone. Click the START button. Switch off your Nokia TA1139 or simply remove the battery and place it back. Now, connect the USB data cable to the computer. Now, this is the most important part, identifying the Nokia TA1139 boot key. THE Nokia TA1139 Boot key can be found by holding the first key at the left side just above the call button.NOKIA TA1139 BOOT KEY

Hold the boot key, and then connect your phone to the USB Data cable. You will hear the windows device connection sound then your phone will come on with the Nokia logo. As soon as it is connected and miracle box starts reading it, release the boot key. Miracle will read and then start formatting the phone. Don’t interrupt this process until it is completed.


After formatting is completed, then disconnect the phone from the computer, remove the battery and put it back then power up the phone. It should boot up and then select the language and region then you should be able to use your phone again. That is how to format Nokia TA1139 feature phone and remove the security lock.


Flashing a phone has got risks of its own. Make sure you follow the procedure as explained in the article. Then if at the time of connecting your phone to the computer for flashing you hear the connection sound but still flashing doesn’t begin, install drivers and if they are already installed, change the USB data cable or try a different port. And lastly, after your phone is flashed successfully, don’t forget to subscribe and share this article on social media. Thanks for reading, see you again in the next article.

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