How To Unlock Infinix X510 And Remove FRP

Hello dear readers. It’s been a while ever since the last article I made. Thank you again for being so supportive. You are the reason why we keep publishing. For today, I am going to show you How To Unlock Infinix X510 And Remove FRP or Google Account. Remember that Google always protects the mobile phone against theft and unauthorized use from people that don’t own your phone. For the same reason, this article is only for educational purposes in case you have forgotten your login details and your password and cannot unlock your device. If you cannot unlock your Infinix X510 Smartphone, I am going to show you the simpler way How To Unlock Infinix X510 And Remove Frp. You can also check our article on how to install Windows on Android Tablet or Android phone.

First, Infinix 510 is among the first smartphones that Infinix produced. Although this phone dates back to the eve of the Infinix Android Smartphone introduction to the Smartphone market, this phone is well secured and supports FRP protection. If you are going to unlock your forgotten password or unlock code, then be sure that you are going to encounter Factory reset protection. In this article, I am going to show you How To Unlock Infinix X510 And Remove Frp. You might also find interesting our article on how to Solve MTK S BROM Download DA Fail (ERROR 2004) on SP Flash Tool. 

How To Unlock Infinix X510 And Remove FRP Using A Computer.

If your phone can enter recovery mode, then it might be easier to hard reset it from the recovery menu. To enter recovery mode, you can hold a combination of power +volume up or volume down to enter recovery mode and then reset your phone. If you cannot enter recovery mode or some buttons are not properly working, then you can use this method that I am going to show you on How To Unlock Infinix X510 And Remove Frp.

Requirements on How To Unlock Infinix X510 And Remove FRP

For this method, you are going to require the following items:

  1. Windows Computer. If you have a laptop or desktop, both should just work fine
  2. Miracle Box v2.27 and higher.
  3. MTK VCOM Drivers installed. Read our article on How to install drivers on Windows 10 PC/Laptop.
  4. USB Data Cable.


Step 1

To start off on how to Unlock Infinix X510 and FRP bypass, You need to have Miracle Box v2.27 and higher Installed and working on your Windows PC. For this tutorial, I am using Miracle Box version 2.82. If you need the tool, kindly contact me. Now, launch your Miracle box tool. Now, since we are unlocking both the security lock and FRP, we shall first remove the Security lock. On miracle Box dashboard, under MTK, select on FORMAT button.

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Step 2

Now, after selecting the FORMAT button, you now move down and under the format mode, don’t use the pre-selected SAFE MODE. This option is mostly used with EMMC flash time. Infinix X510 does not use EMMC flash type. It is NAND Flash. For NAND flash, uncheck the safe mode option and select AUTO. After that, now click on the START button below.


After selecting the start button, switch off your phone and connect it to the computer using your USB data cable. Formatting will begin as soon as your phone is connected. It should just take less than a minute.

Step 3

After formatting is done, you will see the information under the logs showing FORMAT NAND OK. This means that your phone’s NAND Flash has been wiped clean. Remember this option will erase all your user data and other personal files. So, always learn to back up your data and personal files in case one day you are locked up and cannot access your phone. You can simply restore your data later on after formatting your phone.


Remove your phone from the computer, power it on. Wait until it completes the boot process. Start setting up your phone afresh now. If your phone doesn’t have FRP or Google account set prior to the time of reset, then you shouldn’t have any problem proceeding to set up your phone. If you had earlier set the Google account, and you mistakenly forgot it, then proceed to the next step on How to Reset Google account on Infinix X510.

Step 4

Now, in this step, if you just realized that you had previously set Google account on your InfinixX510 and it dawned on you that you didn’t quite remember what it was and you can’t finish setting up your device afresh, this step will help you Bypass FRP on Infinix X510 Smartphone without a hitch. Now, if you had closed Miracle Box, Launch it again. On the dashboard, click on the UNLOCK/FIX button. Under that, select on the CLEAR SETTING/FRP then click on the START button. Just like in step 2 above, switch off your phone and connect it to the computer via USB data cable. Your phone will be detected and Miracle box will remove FRP setting on your phone.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\X510 FRP.PNG

After it is done disconnect your phone from the computer, remove the battery, and place it back. Power on your phone and now set it up again without signing to a WIFI network for FRP.


I personally have used this method and it worked as shown by the screenshots. If you encounter a problem with your phone connecting but not detected, kindly download and install MTK USB drivers. If you get a problem with USB not recognized, then try a different USB port or consider changing the phone’s USB port. Thank you for reading and as always, remember to subscribe, like, and share this article on our social media platforms. In case you have a query, kindly let me know in the comments section. See you again soon in the next article.

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