How to transfer WhatsApp chats from android to iphone

Let us learn how to transfer WhatsApp chats from android to iPhone. This is very important in one way or another. It is better to learn how to transfer WhatsApp chats from android to iPhone because someday you might want to change from android to iPhone. Or rather, you might have a friend who has switched these two Operating systems and might want to enjoy WhatsApp chats from their previous phone. Read Also: Delete WhatsApp Messages Sent by Mistake Before Recipients Read Them

Smartphones hit the market almost everyday. And with many features updated on smartphone’s OS, enjoying social media on apps like WhatsApp is just a routine behavior. Intact, it is part of life. At one point, there is a possibility you might want to jump ship from android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android These two operating systems have got different ways and limitations in which they operate. So, an unsatisfied people cross over from one platform to another more frequently. Android is loved by many because it is highly customizable and very easy to use. While iPhone is a little bit technical and with too much limitations in usage but keeps its uniqueness and class. With this in mind, you might at some point think to migrate to the other platform, or as per now, you have already migrated.

Many times when you jump ship, you might consider moving with some of your data you had on your old platform. Some of that data you will always feel like carrying with you is all your WhatsApp chats.Let us now look at how to transfer WhatsApp chats from android to iPhone.

Ways to transfer WhatsApp chats from android to iPhone

If you have just currently purchased a brand new iPhone smartphone and you are worried about keeping your WhatsApp chats from the old android phone, worry no more. For you can have your chats back on your sleek piece of smartphone. There are two ways in which you can do this. And without forgetting, you can also do the same if you are changing from iPhone OS to android OS. It is just the same. There are two methods involved here.

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The first method is backing up your WhatsApp chats to your email address. To do this, open WhatsApp application on your android smartphone. That is, if you still have it and can access WhatsApp with all it’s chats intact. Go to options. (The three vertical dots at the top right corner.) Go to “Settings> Chats>Chats backup.” Now, backup all your data on your email address. Remember you will be required to have internet. Strong internet to do a backup. After the backup is completed, on your iPhone, open the email account you have backed up your data. But on this one, you can only view, but not have it on your WhatsApp app on your iPhone.

The second method is abit time consuming but it works. On your android phone, go yo WhatsApp and open WhatsApp settings. Navigate to “Chats” and then “backup.” Backup all the data on the email account which is on your iPhone smartphone. Remember backing up of media files can really take some time and consumes a lot of internet data. You can chose to backup specific chats and media. But if you have WiFi and internet isn’t a problem, boldly backup everything to the email address which you have on your iPhone. Then if you have WhatsApp already installed, uninstall it on your iPhone and install it again. After all the installation steps are over, a pop-up will come up notifying you of previously backed up data and if you want to restore. Click “Restore.” And all your previous android whatsapp chats will be downloaded to your I phone’s WhatsApp! Now you know!

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