WhatsApp Tricks; How to use WhatsApp Without Any Mobile Number.

Many of us are by now familiar with the whatsapp messenger. It has become the most popular and most famous app on platforms such as android, iPhone, blackberry, Symbian, Nokia, Microsoft, java among others. This popularity has led to the need for users to use the app like they own it and that’s the reason these tricks will be of value. In this article, we shall list major  amazing WhatsApp Tricks that you never knew they existed. To begin us off, will be How to use WhatsApp Without Any Mobile Number.

WhatsApp tricks

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  1. How to use WhatsApp Without Any Mobile Number.
In this article, we will look at how to use WhatsApp Without Any Mobile Number. We all know that whatsapp requires us to insert a mobile number upon installation so as to get the app up and running. For some reason if you do not  want to use a mobile number (for whatsoever reason), you can apply this trick to get yourself chatting.
  1. If you have already installed whatsApp, uninstall it. You can keep the whatsapp data such as videos, music and text. If you have not installed the app, skip to step 2.
  2. Now download and install the app again.
  3. Before opening the app, remember to block the sms service of your phone by switching to flight mode so that
    the verification message is not sent to your phone. Now open the app, insert the number and hit verify.
  4. Bearing in mind that the sms service is blocked, WhatsApp will be unable to verify your number and therefore it will ask you to choose an alternative method to verify your account. Choose ‘Verify through SMS’ and enter your email address. Click ‘Send’ and immediately click ‘Cancel’. This terminates the authorization process.
  5. Now, you are required to use spoof message. Install Fake Text Message (Spoof app) if you are using android and Fake-a-Message if on iPhone.
  6.   Go to your Outbox -> Copy the message details to spoofer app -> Send it to spoofed verification.
  7. Use these details in your spoofed message: +447900347295 (Country code)(mobile number) Your email address.
  8. A message will be sent to that spoofed number and you can now use this number to connect with friends.
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