Delete WhatsApp Messages Sent by Mistake Before Recipients Read Them

We have all been there; you send a message and quickly want to recall it back for it being inappropriate. Say you are talking to your family group at the same time you are chatting with your drinking buddy. We know what happens afterward. Luckily, WhatsApp, just like Viber, WeChat, Telegram, and others, is seeking to introduce a feature that allows you to delete messages you have already sent to your contacts or groups before they are read (blue ticked). If the leaks are to be believed, this feature will allow you to delete the messages even before your recipient has a chance to read them. It will now be possible to recall a sent or unread whatsapp message and the other party will not find the message. Whats more, you will be able to Recall and Delete WhatsApps Message Sent to Wrong Person. Is it it cool? Stay on the know by checking out these other whatasapp tricks that are also super cool.

According to WABetaInfo, a programmer famous for his accurate leaks on WhatsApp features, the feature is now being tested on the iOS and Android platforms and could be rolling out soon. Delete WhatsApp Messages Sent by MistakeAccording to WABetaInfo, a server has been put in place to specifically work on the recall feature and is working as needed. This shows how close to the launch WhatsApp is with launching the feature. While needed by many users for its capabilities, the feature will be delayed until WhatsApp is sure that it works as needed before rolling out to all the supported platforms.

The leaks from WABetaInfo also reveal something unique about this feature. If for example, you sent a message to a group or specific contact and you delete it before they read it, you will be deleting it everywhere. That means that, even in the notification center, the message will disappear. For your recipient, they will see a notification from you but, instead of the contents of the message, they will instead see This message was deleted on all the messages you sent but deleted them before being read. This feature will be uniform across WhatsApp for iOS and Android platforms.

As early as June this year(2017), programmers dug into the code for WhatsApp and revealed that the feature was in there but not yet active. In August, the beta version of WhatsApp for the Windows Phone showed up with the same feature to show that those on the Windows front will not be left out when the final version rolls out to the millions of people who use this app for communication.

We hope that the feature will be available across the spectrum with even the web version of WhatsApp on computers being able to delete the sent messages. Given the history of WhatsApp and rolling out updates uniformly, this feature will be everywhere.

The benefits of this feature far outweigh the downsides it comes with. For one, no more embarrassments on social media since you can easily eat your words when you find them inappropriate. It will indeed take the WhatsApp experience to a whole new level. It is only a pity that the feature took longer than usual to show up. Competing apps such as Telegram debuted this feature so long ago that users have become accustomed to them. Even with that, the one billion plus users of WhatsApp will love this feature.

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