How to Change Your WhatsApp Number to USA Number +1

Today’s WhatsApp trick features how to change your WhatsApp number to USA number with the +1 code fro your existing WhatsApp account. Having a WhatsApp number with a USA code has many advantages including giving you privacy besides the cool factor. I could go on and on about the advantages, should I really call them advantages, let’s say why it’s fun to change your WhatsApp number to USA number.

Let me just bring out simple illustrations. We all know that WhatsApp sends a notification to all the WhatsApp groups you are a member of whenever you change a number. Now picture this, your friends, those who haven’t read this, will be like, ‘so this guy is abroad.’ What follows depends on the kind of friends you have actually. Change Your WhatsApp Number to USA Number

For the insecure guys in relationships, here is one for you. Ever wondered whether your girlfriend or boyfriend wouls easily fall for a guy in the USA for the shear assumptions that they are cool or rich? It’s high time you put your fears to test. Use this trick to change your WhatsApp number to USA number then get texting. I tried it and.., let me just say me and my girl aren’t talking right now. Hope you get rejected otherwise… Well, Let’s get into the nitty gritty’s of getting a USA number for your existing WhatsApp account.

For this purpose, we will use the Primo app.

Change Your WhatsApp Number to USA Number

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Change your WhatsApp number to USA number

  1. First, you need to go to the Google Play Store to download the Primo app. It needs Android version 4.0.1 and above to work as needed.
  2. Secondly, you will be required to sign up in the app and verify your (actual) number with a one time password (OTP) before processing. That won’t take much of your time.
  3. You then have to add your email address and verify it too for you to get the USA number.
  4. When still inside the app, you will be able to see the menu button (top left corner). When you click on it, you will see a box with a +1 number. That’s your USA number.
  5. Write down the number with the +1 prefix on a piece of paper. You will be needing that number at a later stage.
  6. Now head over to your WhatsApp app. open it. Go to settings > Account > change number. Now fill in the new USA number generated above in the space provided for new number. As usual, WhatsApp has to verify that you have access to that number.
  7. The verification process should be easy. Primo app will not be able to receive the message with the code, all you have to do is use the ‘call me’ option when the option do pops up, I guess after about one minute or so. You will receive a call from WhatsApp in the Primo app.
  8. From the call, you will get the verification code. Do punch it in and there you go.

It is that simple actually! Just like that and you have a number with the +1 prefix to show that it is from the United States. Be sure that this is the fastest method so far. I will warn you though that Primo itself doesn’t want you to use the number acquired from them for external verifications such as this.

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You can still switch back to your original local number after you have had some fun. Be wise with this trick, don’t get yourself single neither should you stay abroad for too long. Be real, I leave you the power to be creative with this trick. Make sure you check out other WhatsApp tricks here. As usual, keep it TechnologySage.

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