How to Root Android 7 (Nougat) Without A computer

With the new work of technology, many things change. Today, we bring you, How to Root Android 7 (Nougat) Without A computer. Even the technology itself is changing fast. Things are becoming easier by the use of smartphones. Many people are buying smartphones at a very high rate. Gone are the days when you could go to a cybercafe to send mail or even check mails. Google has introduced gmail apps on smartphones operating on android operating system where you can get and send your emails real time on your smartphone just as you send and receive text messages on a common phone! With an outburst of social media, the world is becoming a small village. Read Also: How to root android 6 marshmallow without a computer

With these, there has occurred a war among mobile phone companies to produce cheaper and affordable smartphone for a common individual. Everyone wants to outshine another and take control of the widely growing smartphone market. Android on another part, is trying to make updates for it’s operating system as fast enough to be in tandem with new high end smartphones in production. Google has produced a series of upgrades from the ancient Froyo, to the now new android 7 (Nougat) which is the current android OS as we speak. It hasn’t been available to many smartphones but just a few produced recently but soon it will be everywhere.

The more people buy these smartphones, the more the urge to exploit them more. With the current tech, rooting a smartly seems like is something a smartphone enthusiast will do. Since android 7 is new on the market, many people haven’t yet figured out on how to root it. In this article, we shall look at how to root android 7 (Nougat) without a computer. Since sometimes its not easy to get a Personal computer. Rooting or in another word jailbreaking, is technically manipulating a smartphone to go beyond the limits the manufacturer has set for standard use. It is accessing the core of the smartphone and being able to get superuser permission therefore giving you the ability to make changes to your phone to suit your taste. If not done correctly, it might result to bricking a phone meaning it can be rendered useless. Therefore maximum caution should be taken. There is also a possibility that you will void your phone’s warranty. (If you are still within the warranty window period).

Beside those risks, comes many benefits with rooting. You can be able to change and use your phone in a way that it pleases you. There are very few limits as compared to the standard use before root. Just to mention but a few; you can change the boot animation, you can customize the themes like battery icon colour, you can flash Custom ROMs, you can edit files on internal storage and many more.. There are different ways to root a smartphone. Using a computer with proper rooting softwares and also you can use methods that does not involve the use of PCs. An advantage to those without PCs. Let’s look at how to root android 7 (nougat) without a computer.

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Requirements to root Android 7 Nougat

To make sure that this process goes smoothly without a hitch, you have to always have a battery whose percentage of charge is not less than 50%. This is to make sure that you won’t lose power in the process of rooting. You might brick your phone. You will be required to have an internet connection in a case where you are rooting using a rooting app. Like in our case, we shall root with an app. KingoRoot apk. You don’t want to take chances here. So, make sure you do a backup of your data just incase.. With that already done, let’s start:

Root Android 7 using SuperSU

With this method, you will have to find the custom recovery. You can find your phone’s custom recovery online for your model number and download it and install it.

  • Download SuperSU version 2.76 on your smartphone.
  • Make sure you master the file on which you have saved your file (whether on ROM or removable SD card) then switch off your phone to recovery mode.
  • On the menu in recovery mode, chose ‘install’ and select the file to which you saved your SuperSU file.
  • Navigate to the zip file and select it to flash it. Remember we use volume up and volume down keys to navigate around these selections. Power key is the ‘select’ key.
  • The file will be flashed. Reboot your phone now and you will see the SuperSU app, an indication that your phone is rooted.!

Root Android 7 using KingoRoot app.

  1. There are a number of android rooting apps available. But many might not function with the most recent versions of Android. But KingoRoot seems to be reliable and easy. Download KingoRoot apk file.
  2. Install KingoRoot apk file and install it. There are chances you can encounter some caution about installation more sore if you haven’t allowed installation of third-party apps. You can allow that by navigating to: Settings>Security>unknown sources then check the box.
  3. Open KingoRoot app. You are required to be connected to the internet. After the app is opened, KingoRoot will display the model number of your phone and the android version you are using.
  4. Down at the bottom, click ‘ONE CLICK ROOT.’ Rooting will start and a progressive circle in blue with a root percentage will be displayed to show you how much of the root percentage you have achieved. Remember: Always you need a strong network.
  5. After rooting is completed, at 100% you will see “ROOT SUCCEEDED”.

Remember that not at all times the results will be positive. If it fails, try again several times. After root, you may now freely explore the unlimited use of rooted features that comes with root privileges.

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