How to root android 6 marshmallow without a computer

In this article, we learn How to root android 6 without a PC. Android is a smartphone’s operating system developed by Google and run Google-based smartphones. There are many other operating systems including iPhone Operating System (IOS) developed by Apple for Apple devices, BlackBerry Operating system, and others. Android is the widely used OS because of its ability to be highly customizable. Android is being upgraded more regularly to new versions. The most current version (as per the time of this article) is android 7 (Nougat). Read Also: Free Hacking Apps For Android without Root.

Rooting is a technical term used to mean the ability to get superuser permission to the internal partition of a smartphone refrained by the manufacturer, to have unlimited ability to tweak your smartphone for more better-unrestricted use. In another word, its known as “jailbreaking.” Normally, the manufacturer has set your phone to only standard use according to the settings set in the factory. For example, you are not allowed to access the system partition. But rooting enables you to access many things and customize your android smartphone for much more better performance. We have many versions of Android OS. But today we want to look at how we can root android 6 marshmallow without a computer. Remember rooting can be done by use of a computer through various rooting software. Also, you can root a smartphone by use if several rooting apps available online.root-Android-6.0-Marshmallow without PC CAUTION: ROOTING MAY VOID YOUR PHONE’S WARRANTY. IF NOT PROPERLY ROOTED, IT MIGHT BRICK YOUR PHONE. TO BRICK A PHONE IS TO MAKE IT DEAD. PERMANENTLY UNUSABLE. BE SURE YOU. REALLY WANT TO DO THIS.

You would wonder why you should root your phone. There are various reasons, positive reasons why you should root your phone. Before we root android 6 marshmallow, let’s just briefly highlight the benefits of having your phone rooted. Find Out: How do I get my phone to charge faster?

Benefits of having a smartphone rooted.

  1. After rooting, you can install third-party apps and make them system apps!
  2. You can remove system apps completely (built-in apps)
  3. You can alter system files or even remove them.
  4. With root access, you can customize the themes of your phone like change the battery icon color, boot animation n much more.
  5. You can install apps with creatures for rooted phones which comes packed with goodies for rooted phones.
  6. You can be able to install custom ROMs.

Now with those reasons, I think your mind is made if or not you want to root your phone. In case they are not satisfactory, don’t bother yourself but in case you are interested in enjoying a new experience, let’s go ahead and root. But before we root android 6 marshmallow, you have to make sure that your phone has a battery percentage of at least 50%. Losing power while in the process of rooting might cause your phone to brick. You will also have to have an internet connection.

We have quite a good number of rooting apps. But will just focus on a few.

KingoRoot apk

  1. Download KingoRoot apk on your smartphone.
  2. Install the app. ( Hoping you have allowed your phone to install non-market apps. If not, go to settings>security>unknown sources).
  3. After installation is complete, open KingoRoot. Then, click on ‘ONE CLICK ROOT’. Rooting will start almost immediately.
  4. Wait for some time (Depending on your internet speed), the rooting progress will be displayed in a progressive blue circle indicating the rooting percentage (%).
  5. After some time, when rooting hits 100%, your android will be fully rooted. You will see “ROOT SUCCEEDED”. You are now already a superuser! Invade it fails, try again several times. You can also try the following methods:

Z4 root app.

  1. Download Z4 root apk
  2. Install Z4 root and open upon installation.
  3. Open the app and you will see ” Temporary root’ and ‘permanent root.’ Select ‘Permanent root.’
  4. Rooting will start. After its through, reboot your phone and hurrah! You have rooted your phone! But if it fails, try again. If no success, try the next..

Kingroot app.

  1. Download and install Kingroot apk file.
  2. Open Kingroot. It will load the status of your phone including model number
  3. Then at the bottom, try to root it. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  4. After the rooting progress gets to 100%, you are good to go! You can download many apps for rooted phones which will give you a new experience for your rooted phone. When you download and install an app that requires superuser permission, you will get a pop-up notification to grant the app superuser permission. Depending on the app you used to root your android phone.
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