How do I get my phone to charge faster?

Whether you have an iPhone or Android device, you may need to get it to charge faster than the current time taken. Or it could have slowed down over time and it is really frustrating you. There are actually easy ways to fix this slowness in charging. Follow some or all of these methods to have the fastest charging device possible. Read Also: How to Charge Android Phone Using Another Phone

Ways to make smartphone charge faster

Don’t use the device: Yes. When charging, avoid keeping your phone screen turned on or playing games if you want the phone to charge faster. Using the device while charging it will considerably reduce the amount of power retained by the device. Leave it to charge then pick up with your work or game.How do I get my phone to charge faster

Turn off the features you don’t need: Some features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC may not be needed at the same time you will be charging your device. Some devices are set to update apps only when you are charging the device. Disable this feature for a faster charging experience. Again, you can make it a better experience if you close all the apps on your device.

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Enter battery saving mode: Going into the battery saving mode helps reduce the number of battery-draining processes on your device. You will not only be reducing the burden on your battery, but also allowing the device to charge faster since fewer processes will be draining the battery.

Switch the phone off: Switching it off also ensures that you are charging your device the fastest way possible. This is because the drain on the battery will be nonexistent. While you could be missing out on some notifications, you will have your device fully charged in no time.

Airplane mode: The airplane mode prevents any communication radios on your device from working. This saves you a lot of battery life. Not just that, with airplane mode turned on, your device will charge faster since there will be minimal draining of the battery from the cellular, Bluetooth and any other wireless radios on your device. Read Also: Why phone charger that used to work does not work anymore

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Plug and charger: The first point you should take note of in this regard is that you should only charge your device with its original charger. If you lost the original charger, go for a genuine one as a replacement. Besides this, consider the power output of the charger. The lower the wattage the slower it will charge your device. Nowadays, there is the fast charge technology which provides the fastest way to charge. If you have a device that allows for fast charging, get a charger that provides for that too.

These are only but a few of the tricks you can use to make your phone charge faster. Keep in mind that the trick is to reduce the number of activities and processes that drain the battery while you are charging the phone. At all times, make sure the only major process going on is the charging itself. You will be surprised at how fast the phone will charge.