Free Hacking Apps For Android without Root.

What comes through your mind at the mention of the word “Haking?” To many, it sounds like some something so technical and for people with adequate technical skills in computer. or, someone somewhere under a hood behind a laptop breaking through confidential files or servers of a big organization with all wrong motives. Hacking isn’t only limited to computers. But with the widespread use of smartphones across the world, hacking can also be done to or by smartphone users. A hacker is a person behind the hacking. Many high-end smartphones nowadays are so advanced to even serve many purposes equally to personal computers. With proper apps, hacking a smartphone or being hacked by another smartphone user is very much possible. That’s why you will wonder where some leaked celebrity’s photos come from. There are many Free hacking apps for android (without root) available on internet you can download and use without necessarily having to have root access on your phone. Read Also: How to Get Someone’s Account Password through Phishing on the Same WiFi

Hacking is where someone authoritatively gains access to the contents of your digital device or computer and obtain the information they want or alter the way the system works, without even your notice. Hacking can be done wirelessly through networks like public WiFi, through the internet or even sharing a network of cables connecting a number of computers. Here, we shall put our main focus on hacking android smartphones. As I said before, there are myriads of free non-root hacking apps for android online. But we shall focus on just a number of them deemed ‘reliable.’FREE HACKING APPS FOR ANDROID WITHOUT ROOT

Note: Hacking is considered ILLEGAL! I shall not be held liable for any action caused as a result of information obtained from this article. This article is for experimental purposes  ONLY!

Free non-root hacking apps for Android

FaceNiffFaceNiff is a free hacking app for Android smartphones. It is available for both root and non- rooted ones. It is a top app which enables the user to stealthily intercept a WIFI traffic. With this tool, you will be able to tiptoe into people’s social media like Facebook, Twitter, and More. FaceNiff gets accesses cookies from clients connected to your Wi-Fi network and gives You access to a victims phone.

DroidsheepDroidsheep works relatively the same with FaceNiff. Droidsheep works like a traffic sniper. It has the capabilities of toying around with clients using the same WiFi network. Upon opening the app, it behaves like a WiFi source. It checks the profiles of sessions of active clients sharing a WiFi network. With Droidsheep, you can snoop into social media of clients on the WiFi network including Facebook, Twitter and more. You can also get Droidsheep guard, an affiliated app which enables you to detect attacks from apps like Droidsheep and FaceNiff from other attackers to your phone.

USB Cleaver: USB cleaver is a non-root hacker app. With USB cleaver, one can obtain web session data from a computer and even get the secret login credentials like passwords. All you have to do is plug in the USB cable to the target computer into the USB driver ports. Read Also: How to Unlock Android Pattern, password and pin lock without losing data

AndroRAT.: AndroRAT is a amalgamation of two terms ‘andro’ for Android and ‘ R.A.T’ standing for Remote Administrative Tool. This hacking app runs as a service on the phone and can be trigger by a short text message or simply a call. You have to install it on a target phone if you want to hack it. With it on the target phone, you will have the ability to access remotely the information on the target phone including text messages, calls and media files and view the device location. Read Also: How to Access WiFi for Free without Password on Android Phone.

Lost Android: Lost Android is a one in a million app. With this app on the phone, you can access almost everything on an Android smartphone. This app is available on google play store. So tiny an app, but so much it can do. If you want to hack another android phone, you can download it and install it directly on the target phone. Then, you can get access to the target phone by going to its web portal at Ones the app registers with the Google account on the target phone, you can view text messages, call records, locate the phone, ring it, take photos, record sound, lock/unlock the phone, browse media contents. And many more.

Airdroid app: Airdroid is also a powerful app. Though not as powerful as lost android. But it is worth. Ones installed, you have to create an account with it. Which is so simple because it doesn’t require the password to the Google account on the target phone. You can set yours as long as you are using the Gmail address on the phone. After installation, you login to the app’s portal which is you can see texts, send texts, view call logs, view battery level, location, download and upload content on the device remotely. You can stream videos and even listen to music from the device storage. In case it is lost. You can ring it and locate it.

The list of these Free hacking apps for Android that do not require root is long. There are many other good apps that I haven’t covered. But what I have covered are still good, reliable and worth trying. Remember this content is strictly for experimental purposes or strictly for your phone alone. Hacking another phone without the owners permission is illegal n can lead to dire consequences from the authorities.

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