How To Reset Security Lock On Nokia 108 (RM944) Feature Phone

Hello dear readers. Welcome to our blog. In this article, I am going to show you how to Reset Security lock on Nokia 108 (RM944) feature phone. If you have really been looking for the right method on how to unlock Nokia 108 feature phone, then read with us. This article is going to help you fix your phone. By visiting our website and reading our articles, you are really doing us quite good because you are really supporting us so, guys, and thank you ones again for visiting


If by any chance you have forgotten your unlock code or your Nokia 108 security PIN, and you badly want to unlock it, then this article is going to not only give you a heads up, but it is going to guide you can the easiest way by which you can to Reset Security lock on Nokia 108 (RM 944) feature phone. You can also check another recent article on How to Flash Tecno RA6S Flash file on Tecno RA6S Smartphone. Otherwise, let us read on and see how to Reset Security lock on Nokia 108 (RM944) feature phone

Nokia 108 (RM944) feature phone Security lock Reset

Now, there are some things you will need to know here. Even though this phone is old, there are moments even you yourself might forget the reset code to it. Especially if you had ones used it and later found another alternative and then stopped using it. Secondly, you must know that I don’t have a manual method where you can reset this phone using reset codes. In this article we are going to use a computer. And lastly, this phone doesn’t have a USB charging port. W e are going to have to use the pinouts method. Now let us see the list of the things we will be required to have.


  1. Windows PC
  2. Chinese Miracle II MTK version (For lower MTK versions)
  3. USB cable for pinouts
  4. Soldering skills

Method on How to Reset Security lock On Nokia 108 Feature phone

Now, kindly follow the following steps on How to Reset Security lock on Nokia RM944 feature phone. You can also check another article about FRP Bypass on Samsung J200H/DS

Step 1

Now, the first step you will need to start with is to have the Chinese Miracle II MTK version 1.58a (For lower MTK versions). If you don’t have it, then you can download CM2 MTK installer from this link. Password to the file is: 1111

Step 2

Now, extract the file you downloaded in step 1 above. Then install it on your computer. Insert your CM2 dongle into your computer and then run the software you just installed. It should open up after a few moments. Remember you need to have the CM2 Dongle. Without it you cannot carry out this procedure.

NOKIA 108 RM944 factory reset 1.JPG

Now under settings, select the shown CPU type

NOKIA 108 RM944 factory reset 1.JPG

Step 3

Now, after selecting the right CPU type, click on the “Service” tab. You will see two options or services you can run. You can read phone info and you can also Format your Nokia 108 feature phone.

NOKIA 108 RM944 factory reset 2.JPG

Step 4

To be able to connect your phone to the computer and reset the security lock using CM2. You will have to use a USB data cable by way of pinouts. This is because this being an old phone, it does not come with a USB charging port. So, connect the four wires of a USB cable purposefully meant for such work in the following way.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\Nokia RM944 USB pinouts.jpg

Step 5

Now, after soldering the USB pinout wires on their respective points as shown in the picture above go back to your cm2. Click on the “Format/Reset settings” tab.

NOKIA 108 RM944 factory reset 2.JPG

After you see “waiting device” insert the battery back to your phone with the USB pinouts still connected. Hold the boot key which is button “0” on your keypad. Connect your Nokia 108 to the PC. Cm2 will connect to your phone and format it to factory settings.

NOKIA 108 RM944 factory reset.JPG

Disconnect your phone from the computer, remove the USB pinouts and then now power up your phone. Select the language and you will be done.

So guys. That is the easiest way on how you how to Reset Security lock on Nokia 108 (RM944|) feature phone


This method will only work if you have the CM2 dongle. There is no crack for the cm2 dongle. If by any means you don’t have the dongle but you are really desperate to unlock this phone, use the Miracle box crack v 2.82. Use the USB pinouts if you still want to use the miracle box method. Keenly desolder the USB pinouts without damaging the USB pinouts on the main board. Thank you.


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