How To Remove Password On Samsung A11 Smartphone With MDM Lock

Hello guys. Welcome to technology sage blog site. In today’s article, we are going to learn how to Remove password on Samsung A11 Smartphone with MDM lock. Welcome and let us read together and learn more. Before we proceed, you can also check my other article on how to to remove anti theft on infinix x554 smartphone. You can also check more of our articles on mobile phone flashing and if you are looking for firmware files, we have also provided some important major Smartphone files that you can check under the mobile phones category.

The challenge here is quite difficult. The problem is that you cannot do a hard reset on this model because the developer has disabled the factory reset option in the recovery menu. When you boot this phone in recovery menu, yes you will find the “Wipe factory data reset” option. But when you select it and try to hard reset, you will see a message in the logs saying that factory reset is not allowed by MDM and the phone will reboot in a few seconds. Then the phone will reboot still with the security code on. It is such a frustrating thin. But let us see how we can fix this.

How Remove Password On Samsung A11 Smartphone With MDM Lock Using Unlock Tool.

There might be other software that might be able to reset this Samsung A11Smartphone. But the challenge is that this phone is build on the QUALCOMM Snapdragon CPU and QUALCOMM CPUs are quite a challenge to deal with unlike the MTK CPUs. This dear readers, I have no idea why it is so. But since this article is not about the complexity of this chipset, let us focus on how to remove password on Samsung A11 Smartphone with MDM lock.

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Samsung A115F Security Unlock With Unlock Tool.

Unlock tool is by far easier with bypassing FRP and unlocking many smartphones including on QUALCOMM chipsets. Unlock tool latest version supports quite a number of phones operating on QUALCOMM chipset and many more. Therefore, doing a factory reset on this Samsung A11 Smartphone with MDM lock is quite simple using Unlock tool. Let us look at some of the key requirements you will need to have in order to remove FRP on Samsung A11Smartphone.


  1. Unlock tool latest version.
  2. QUALCOMM drivers (Pre-installed. Or you can install whenever necessary)
  3. Internet connection,
  4. USB Data cable.

Procedure on How To Remove FRP on Samsung A11Smartphone Using Unlock tool.

The following is a quite easy and elaborate step by step procedure on how to remove security lock on Samsung A11 Smartphone with MDM lock using unlock tool. Kindly follow these steps keenly too easily to Remove password on Samsung A11 Smartphone with MDM lock.

Step 1

The very first step is to have the tool. This is quite key because this tool is the main thing we need. Launch Unlock Tool on your PC. This requires that you have an internet connection on your PC, and account with unlock tool. Launch unlock tool.

Step 2

Now, after you have launched unlock tool on your PC, select the QUALCOM tab on the unlock tool interface. Kindly make sure that you have a working internet connection because this will need internet for unlock tool to fetch some of the features from the unlock tool servers. Under the QUALCOM tab, click on the “server” tab. Then proceed and select “SAMSUNG” under the “BRAND” tab. Then under model, select “Samsung A11 [SM A115F/SM A115U/SM-A115AZ

Now, click on the “FACTORY RESET” tab.

Step 3

Now, it is time to factory reset your Samsung A11 Smartphone. To connect your phone to the PC, you need to connect your phone in through test points.

To do so, power off your phone, open the back cover. Remove the screws holding the cover to the motherboard. Be careful not to damage the components on the motherboard. Using a pair of tweezers, connect the test points as shown below.


Step 4

Connect your phone to the PC. Unlock tool will detect your phone and Factory reset your Samsung A11F. Wait until the process is completed. Disconnect your phone from the PC and remove the battery from the phone, place it back and boot up your phone.

samsung a11 done.PNG

If your phone still has the FRP lock, use the same procedure to bypass FRP.

Complete the initial set up of your phone and your phone will be up and working again.

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