How To Read, View or See Deleted Messages On WhatsApp

Today, I present an interesting topic for all WhatsApp users worldwide. Whatsapp, with time, has gathered quite a number of users all over the world. And by now, almost everybody is using it on their smartphones. Let us learn on how to read, view or see deleted messages on WhatsApp. We have previously handled several WhatsApp tricks and this is the icing on the cake.

With the dynamic WhatsApp upgrades, users can now get new features in recent upgrades. Currently, WhatsApp Inc. has added a Deleting feature where you can delete a wrongly sent message or messages on both ends for the receiver and the sender in what is known as “Delete for me” that is when you are deleting only on your end and letting the receiver receive the message, then there is the “Delete for everyone” where the sender deletes the message from both sides, that is from both the sender’s phone and the one that has been sent so that it doesn’t get to the receiver’s phone. This feature is a great idea from WhatsApp developers since it has saved the agony of mistakenly sending private messages to contacts you haven’t intended to. Read Also: Get Voice Notification for WhatsApp Activities Read, View or See Deleted Messages On WhatsApp

Think about this: There is very important information you wanted to submit to your boss which is strictly private and confidential. Then something happens by accident, you find that instead of sending it to your boss, by accident, you are hit with a rude shock to find that you have sent it to pool game WhatsApp group! Now, you wish you never even tried to send it or you wish you were extra careful. But now, you can now delete wrongly sent text before it is read by the end receiver. Isn’t this good news? Certainly Yes!

If you have ever deleted messages on WhatsApp either using the same means mentioned above or just the normal select and delete way, there is a way on how to read, view, or see deleted messages on WhatsApp. If you have mistakenly ever deleted a very important message on WhatsApp, let us look at ways on how you can see those deleted messages.

Ways By Which You Can Read Deleted Messages On Whatsapp

There are a number of ways through which this can be achievable. Let us look at them and try to understand the trick behind this.

If you had previously deleted your WhatsApp messages a few days or sometimes back, most probably your WhatsApp app has already backed them up by the time you deleted them. Whatsapp is set to do a backup every day at midnight that is if you had previously set it to do a backup. To see those messages, you can first uninstall the app. Then install it afresh and then during set up, accept to download a backup when prompted to. After you accept to retrieve your backed up data, you will be able to view the messages you had deleted after the daily backup. With this method, there are chances that you might get those messages. If you can, try this other method.

The second method is to download a third party application on your phone. This app will help you see the notification history and your WhatsApp message logs. Download the app called “Notification History” on Google play and easily follow the steps of installation. After that is finished, you can search the message in the Android notification log. To get the notification log, long press the home screen. Select “widgets” and then “Activities” then followed by “settings” and then “notification log”. This method has proved effective but is only limited to notifications previously that have been seen in the notifications bar. Also, only notifications less than 100 characters of the deleted message can be viewed. Another loose end is that this method only works on devices running android Nougat and above.

A similar app with less restriction on the Android Version is the Notifications Logger. Use this if running lower version of Android. Alternatively, you can jus Upgrade your Android Phone to Android 7.0 Nougat and use the Notification History App.

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