How to Install Android Nougat on Windows Computer PC or Laptop

For our next endeavor, we will aim to install Android Nougat, the very latest version of the popular mobile operating system, on Windows. Before we delve into how to install Android Nougat on Windows, let’s have a refresher on the main features that would make one love this great treat from Android.

Interesting features of Android 7.1 nougat

  • Multi-window mode which allows you to run two apps on your device side by side. It is one of the main features on this update.
  • Some visual changes to make it look more mature than the previous iterations.
  • Changes in the settings app for better management of system settings.
  • Better optimization of the operating system to tablets.
  • Better battery life management.
  • A data saver mode for all system applications.
  • A dark theme called a dark mode has been enabled too.Install Android Nougat on Windows

These are but a few of the cool features that may make you want to install Android N on Windows. For this to occur, you will need the Android SDK which is the tool used by Android developers to test out their apps before they are released. SDK simply means software development kit. At times, it is known as a devkit with the two names being used interchangeably. Also, note that the SDK is not just for the development of apps but other pieces of software too. Read Also: How to install Windows Operating system on Android Phone or tablet

Requirements to Install Android Nougat on Windows

You will need the following to install Android 7.0 on PC.

  1. Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 on your computer.
  2. 3 GB of RAM for the best performance. It may run on 2 GB of RAM buy it will not be smooth enough to enjoy it.
  3. 500 MB of free disk space. The Android SDK takes up about 450 MB hence you need to give it some breathing room.
  4. JDK (Java Development Kit). This kit allows you to run any software related to Java such as the Android SDK.

How to Install Android Nougat on Windows

Follow these steps to install Android Nougat on windows PC.

  1. Install the Java Development Kit on your PC. It is not a big piece of software and will take you a few moments to be through.
  2. Go the Android SDK site and download it to your PC then install it.
  3. Download Android SDK installer.
  4. Extract Android SDK files to any location on the computer
  5. Go to the Extracted location and run SDK Manager application
  6. Wait for some time until the application is loaded and fetch all Android SDK packages from the server.
  7. Select the packages you wish to install. Select Android N Preview and Android SDK platform-tools (under Tools),(The ones selected in the video above are: In Tools: Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Platform-tools, Android SDK Build-Tools). In Android N: All except documentation..You can also select documentation if you want. In Extras: It is recommended to select all. If you want to download fewer packages leave this.)
  8. Click on “Install packages…” A prompt will appear to confirm the packages that are chosen to install. Agree with the Licence information to proceed.
  9. Click on Install button and wait until all packages download and install.


Once everything is installed, set up the Android Emulator to get Android N on the computer. Follow the following steps to set up Android N on your windows PC. Watch this video for clarity or continue reading.

How to set up Android N in Windows Android emulator.

  1. Go to Android SDK folder and Go to Tools and select Manage AVD’s and create a new.
    Enter this values:
    AVD Name: Android N
    Device: Nexus 5
    Target: Android N
    CPU/ABI: Intel Atom or ARM
    Skin: No skin
    RAM: Minimum 1024,
    Internal Storage: 2048 MB
    Check ✓ Use Host GPU
  2. Click OK on the result windows.
  3. Select the virtual device that is just created from the list and click on Start. 
  4. Click on the Launch button. Do not change anything in the Launch Options.
  5. The emulator will start after a few Command Prompt windows being displayed. Now you should see a screen with Android device will be booting up. This will take about five minutes boot for the first time.

Now you should have Android N SDK installed on your windows computer and you can explore the Developer Preview version.

It is that simple to get the Android Nougat operating system on your PC. With the many features of Android Nougat, having it on your PC is a great experience for anyone.

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