How To Install And Use Real Windows Launcher On Your Android Devices

Hello dear readers. In today’s article, I am going to show you how to install and use real windows launcher on your Android devices. Welcome and thank you for your support. Keep reading our content here on and learn more on mobile phone flashing, Android and feature phone unlocking file and more on computing and computer tricks.

Now, If you love computers and would love to have the computer interface on your Smartphone device, then this article is going to give you much information on how to install and use real windows launcher on your Android devices. You can customize your Android devices by making it look exactly like your windows PC. Personally, I am still using this launcher after many years and the experience; I can tell you is quite great and so exciting. You can also check another article on top ten Android phones with vanilla Android latest.

Let me show you how you can achieve this. Kindly make sure that you follow the information given in this article and use it for personal use only and not for any other commercial use. Those aside, let us now look into details on how to install and use real windows launcher on your Android devices…

How to install windows launcher on your Android devices.

If you might have checked on the Google play store or any other third party application stores, there are quite a number of windows launcher applications. But one true fact is that, yes they try to depict the real windows interface, but it is not to the perfection and it doesn’t give the real touch of the windows launcher you want. Check also Watch DSTV online for free from PC or mobile phone

But here, I am going to give you a real but quite rare Windows launcher application that will give you the real windows experience on Android than any other app ever seen before.

Download Real Windows Launcher APK for Android.

Now, this app is not available on Google playstore. It is not easy to come by anywhere on the internet. This is the reason why this is a golden opportunity to Download Windows Launcher apk from this site. To download, click on the download link here to download Windows launcher apk and install it on your Android phone for free.

Windows launcher features:

  1. Customizable system switch

Windows Launcher comes with great features. One of them is that you can customize your launcher by switching from one windows system style to another. Available widows system styles include: Vista, XP, Windows 7, windows 10 and Android style. Below are screenshots showing different windows styles. (Note, the icons style, size and arrangement is according to my own settings from the app)

C:\Users\ABALA\Desktop\Windows launcher screenshots\windows 10.pngC:\Users\ABALA\Desktop\Windows launcher screenshots\windows vista.png

C:\Users\ABALA\Desktop\Windows launcher screenshots\windows 7.png Windows 10 Windows Vista

C:\Users\ABALA\Desktop\Windows launcher screenshots\windows xp.png

Windows XP Windows 7

2. Windows Start button experience

Enjoy the best experience of both the windows PC start button and also the task bar. You can still customize the task bar and the start button menu from the windows settings. You can add and remove apps from the start menu if you like.

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Customize the start button to suit your own liking. Windows Android launcher has quite a lot of customizable features

3. Real windows File explorer

With windows Launcher for Android, you can still have that usual file explorer experience just like you always do on your windows computer. Though the interface is just like that on windows file explorer, but some functionalities are limited but the interface is cool and so much easy to use if you know how to use and share files on computers.

C:\Users\ABALA\Desktop\Windows launcher screenshots\Screenshot_20221121-233036.pngC:\Users\ABALA\Desktop\Windows launcher screenshots\Screenshot_20221121-233057.png

4. Inbuilt Windows Music Player

You can enjoy also the inbuilt windows media player which comes with the windows launcher APK. It is simple to use and the app developers have really tried to make it look so real even though it is not as customizable as other features. But if you are just looking for a way to make your phone look just like a normal PC, then it is worth it.

C:\Users\ABALA\Desktop\Windows launcher screenshots\Screenshot_20221121-234326.png


This app is not a premium file. Download it and install it on your Android device. This is a mobile phone app. You only need to download and install. There are a lot of settings you will have to do, that is personal customization to suit your own taste. The icons on the desktop as shown in the screenshots, are as a result of my own choosing and taste. Yu can choose your own. This app does not contain all the windows pc features found on computers. The developers tried to have it depict what you usually see on your normal computers. So, don’t expect to find everything found on pc in this app.

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