Future Development of Gaming Apps: Is Regulation Important?


It’s A Gamble

Most people, whether they gamble or play real money games or not, don’t really give much thought to how the industry and the apps that they use are regulated. These regulations can sometimes make life difficult for the people who may want to use these apps. For example, someone who is from out of state or a different country may wish to gamble using an app that is registered in a state or country where gambling is legal, or that type of game is legal, but they may not be able to participate because of where they are based. Someone who is eighteen years of age may wish to use the app because, where they are from, you can gamble at eighteen years old. However, they may not be able to as the state or country in which they are located may require players to be over twenty-one. Regulated gaming might be a challenge in some instances, but regulations are essential to keep the industry, the apps and use thereof, and the players safe.

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Regulations Worldwide

While real money gaming apps are available in most places in the world, the regulations are certainly not the same in all locations, so considering the regulations in your area is essential. Compared to many industries, the online gambling industry is very young. The surge in popularity of gambling apps has been truly remarkable over the last few years. In many cases, the regulations still need to catch up to the industry’s popularity and more modern age. In many states or countries, the regulations around the gambling industry are still very conservative and, in some, downright puritanical. It is taking some time, but gambling legislation is slowly catching up in most places. Many countries still have a long way to go, but the legal landscape can be tricky to navigate. It’s better for regulatory bodies and gambling institutions to work together slowly for the betterment of the industry.

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Why Is Regulation Important?

Lots of money changes hands in the gambling industry. Whether you’re sitting on the bus playing real money games on your phone, playing from the comfort of your couch, or in a brick and mortar institution, a lot of the regulations that are in place now are there to ensure that no one gets ripped off and everyone’s money is safe. Sharing your banking details or financial details with an app can be scary! The third-party apps involved in getting your money into the gambling app, and any money that you might win back to you, are vetted to within an inch of their lives, as no app wants to have a reputation for being unfair or unsafe with funds or personal details. Any person using a gambling app anywhere in the world should feel safe using any app and know that they can rely on the companies involved to give them a fair shake. The main reasons that there are so many gambling regulations for sites and apps are:

  • To ensure that gambling apps and sites operate within the boundaries of local laws.
  • To ensure that gambling sites and apps operate ethically.
  • To ensure that the players or gamblers using these sites or apps are treated fairly and that their personal information is kept safe.

All gambling sites and apps MUST operate within the bounds of the laws that govern the area where they are located. Ethics are of paramount importance when there is money involved- no one will want to go back to a gambling app that didn’t hand over a bonus that a player won! Ethics are also important when it comes to keeping underage participants out of the gambling industry. Their advertising should also be completely honest and transparent; players should know what they are getting into when they sign up for any gaming app. The reason for the high licensing fees that gambling organizations face is that it takes a lot of work to keep all of this in order! Unfortunately, there are a lot of rogue sites out there that do not find it essential to hold to any of these criteria. They are the reason that gambling regulatory bodies feel the need to crack down even harder and make regulations incredibly strict with absolutely no loopholes. Reporting rogue sites and apps that do not stick to these criteria is a responsibility that falls to any player who experiences this lack of adherence. If we all stand together to help keep the gambling industry safe and running smoothly, it can be an enjoyable hobby for everyone who takes part!

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Wrap Up

After reading through this article, it should be clear that regulation is incredibly important for a sustainable, safe, and enjoyable future in online gambling.


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