Top ten Android phones with vanilla Android latest

The top ten Android phones with vanilla Android would include all those Android devices with great features and using the stock Android or at least close to it. Stock Android has many advantages such as beauty, no bloatware, fast, consistency throughout the software, get fast operating system updates, use less battery, and is generally easier to use.

Ten best vanilla Android devicesTop ten Android phones with vanilla Android

  1. Motorola Z2 Force Edition: Lenovo made a winner in the Z2 Force Edition with its powerful features and near stock android. After taking over Motorola, Lenovo chose to go with as pure Android as possible.

2. Motorola G5 and G5S: The duo has devices with as pure Android as you would want. With only a few additional features to improve in the stock Android features, they are great phones to own.

3. Motorola X4: Like its siblings in the Moto family, the X4 has near-stock Android running. What sets it apart from the others is its premium features which place it squarely among the flagships of today. You get a big battery, a fast processor, dual cameras and many other features for a very reasonable price.

4. Moto E4 Plus: The E4 Plus has some basic features which combine with stock Android to give users an experience like no other. If you are looking for a phone that costs less and delivers in every area, this is the one.

5. Nokia 6: After its revival, Nokia has focused on delivering budget phones with as pure Android. With the Nokia 6, you get a very fast and beautiful Android device with all the blows and whistles for a great gadget.

6. Essential Phone: When the former Android found Andy Rubin set out to create a device that is one of the best Android devices out there, he delivered. With a screen that runs to the very edge of the phone and near stock Android, you will have one of the slickest devices ever.

7. Moto Z2 Play: Like all other recent Moto devices, the Z2 Play has top-end features with near stock Android running on it. As one of the premium devices from Motorola, this device will meet all your computing needs.

8. Moto E4: The Moto E4 shares many features with the other phones in the same family. Some of the features include the stock Android with a few helpful modifications which make the device a joy to use.

9. Nokia 3: The Nokia 3 is a budget device from Nokia which is a part of the team that Nokia released after its comeback into the smartphone fray. With pure Android and compelling features, you are guaranteed of an unrivaled experience at a budget price.

10. Nokia 5: Wrapping up our list of the top ten phones with vanilla Android is the Nokia 5. The Nokia 5 is the midway between the Nokia 6 and the Nokia 3. Its features are still some of the very best given that it runs pure Android with guaranteed updates for several years into the future.

These phones are the very best running pure or near-pure android.

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