How to Flash NOKIA 203 RM832 without Dongle or box

Hello. Welcome again. In today’s article, we are going to look at How to Flash NOKIA 203 RM832 feature phone without using any flashing dongle or box. If you are having this phone and you are stuck somewhere on the security lock, the phone is dead, or needs a software installation or upgrade, then stay with us to learn more on how to go about this.


Before we proceed any further, kindly check my earlier article on Huawei Y3II(LUA-U02) Firmware Flashing And Dead Fix. NOKIA 203 is quite a catchy phone of its time. In this time when everyone is going the high-end Smartphone way, this phone still got the taste of its time. Besides being a feature phone, NOKIA 203 comes with a touch screen LCD Display type screen. This enables you to touch and use the screen as a touch screen for some functions. Let us now look at how we can flash it.

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NOKIA 203 RM832 Flashing without using Dongle or Box

Now, in this article, we are going to learn how we can flash NOKIA 2022 RM832 firmware files to fix various software issues on this phone. First, before we move further, we need to know at what point you need to flash NOKIA 203 (RM-832) stock firmware file on this phone. Here are various reasons for stock ROM flashing:

  • Phone stuck on logo
  • The phone has a problem with the display
  • Phone boots and automatically reboots
  • Phone automatically powers off
  • The phone is bricked
  • The phone is locked with a security code

Now, if your NOKIA 203 RM832 is suffering from the above-listed diseases, then this article is going to help give the best remedy for your phone. The best thing to do is to fix is it with new stock firmware. You can also read another related article about How To Flash SOWHAT W2 Flash File on SOWHAT W2 Phone

Method on How to Flash NOKIA 202 Stock firmware Using A Computer.

If you are only looking for a way to unlock the security lock on this phone, the CM2 box will work. But if you don’t have CM2 or any other box, then this method will be better because it will fix both software problems as well as remove the security lock on NOKIA 203 RM832 phone. It is so easy. Follow the steps below.


The very first step is to make sure you have the firmware file. Make sure, before getting the firmware for your phone, that you check the model number correctly. Now, Download the NOKIA 203 RM832 firmware files from this link that I have provided in this article.

Step 2

Now, after downloading NOKIA 203 RM832 flash file on your PC, now download the NOKIA Infinity best tool crack from this link. This is the tool that is used to flash NOKIA feature phone firmware. Launch Infinity best on your computer

infinity 1.JPG

Step 3

Now, on the Nokia Infinity Best tool, select your phone’s model number. Scroll through the models and select RM 832

infinity 1.JPG

Step 4

Now, after selecting the right model number for NOKIA 203 RM832 under model numbers, now it is time to load the files to the tool. Now here, is where you need to be careful. Considering that you’ve extracted your NOKIA 203 RM832 firmware zip file, load the files as follows. Load only MCU, PPM1, and CT1. As shown below.

infinity 1.JPG

Step 5

Now, after loading the files, as shown above, you now need to proceed to Flash NOKIA 203 RM832 feature phone without using any flashing dongle or box. On the Nokia Infinity Best interface, click and check the ‘DeadMode’ and ‘FactorySet’ boxes, then click the FLASH button. To connect your Nokia 203 to the PC, power the phone off, then just connect it to the PC. Flashing will begin.


Don’t interfere with the flashing process. Wait until it is fully completed and your phone boots up in test mode.


Now when your phone boots in test mode, simply power it off and power it on again. Make sure you have your SIM card in. That is it, guys. That is the simplest method on How to Flash NOKIA 203 RM832 feature phone without using any flashing dongle or box


Always make sure that you have backed-up all your important files from your phone if you can still access it. Also, you should know that flashing your phone will erase all your data. Also, make sure you download the correct flash file for your phone. Check the phone model under the phone where the battery sits. Thanks for reading and see you aging in the next article.


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