How To Factory Reset And Wipe Samsung A13 Smartphone

Hello my dear readers. We are going to look at How to factory reset and wipe Samsung A13 Smartphone. Welcome and let us read along to learn more on how to fix this issue incase you have an issue doing a factory reset from this device. One thing you need to know is that due to latest software update, security patch to this model has been upgraded. And because of this security patches, factory resetting this devices is not permissible. Secondly, on mortgage phones, the developers have also improved security patches and they have removed the wipe factory reset option in recovery menu. For that reason, you can’t do a hard reset on this device.


Now, if you are having a challenge wanting to wipe your Samsung A13 Smartphone and you have forgotten your security lock, we are going to learn How to factory reset and wipe Samsung A13 Smartphone. In the mean time, you can also check my other article on How To Remove Security Lock on Tecno T372 Feature Phone. Let us now proceed ahead.

Latest method on How to factory reset and wipe Samsung A13 Smartphone

Since wiping this devices from the device settings might sometimes not be possible, then we need to figure out if we can reset it from the recovery menu. But in many cases, wipe factory data reset option is never available on the recovery menu whenever you boot your Samsung A13 into recovery menu. No, missing this option in the phone’s recovery menu is usually a nail on the coffin leaving you with nothing else to do. But not anymore. I can help you learn How to factory reset and wipe Samsung A13 Smartphone.

Let us see some of the tools we shall be required to have during this process.

  1. Windows computer
  2. Samfw Tool
  3. Samsung USB Drivers
  4. USB Data cable
  5. Internet connection.

How to factory reset and wipe Samsung A13 Smartphone using SamFw Tool

Now we are going to do a factory reset of our Samsung A13 Smartphone that has no factory reset option in recovery menu. Let us look at the steps by which we can go about this. You can also read another article on Latest Method How To Bypass FRP On Samsung A10S Without Test Points

Step 1

The very first step, and very importantly is to have the right tool we are going to use. This model is built on the Exynos CPU or chip. So, it doesn’t have test points that you can use. So for this case, we are going to use SamFW Tool. You can download SamFw Tool Latest version from this link.

Step 2

After downloading samFw tool from step 1 above, extract it on your PC. Run the software as administrator. Download the Samsung USB drivers for your PC according to your computers cpu specification. Install the drivers. It takes some time but it will eventually install.


Step 3

Now. On your Samsung A13, Power it off. After powering it off, you now need to put the phone in download mode. To do so, hold both volumes up and down buttons. Connect your phone to the PC. It will connect in download mode. Press the volume up button. You will now hear the connection sound meaning that your phone is detected and in download mode. Also check my other article on Your driver version is is too low, please upgrade driver Solution on the SPD upgrade tool.

Step 4

Now, when you check on your SamFw tool, you will notice that your device is connected and is showing the Samsung Modem device. Now on SamFw tool interface, with the phone still connected in download mode, click on the “Download Mode” tab.

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You will now see the features you can perform in download mode.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\SAMFW.JPG Select Factor reset. Now, you will see factory reset down below

Step 5

Now, your phone will power off and boot with a recovery menu showing factory reset option.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\Samsung A13 reset.JPG

After factory reset is done, let the phone boot up to the welcome menu screen. Finnish the first setup setting and you will be done.


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