How To Bypass FRP On Samsung A30s (A307FN)

Hello dear readers. We are going to look at How To Bypass FRP On Samsung A30s (A307FN) smartphone. Thank you for visiting. Now, FRP is a protection set by Google to prevent unauthorized use of smartphones after a factory reset. Therefore, this article is strictly for educative purposes only. You can also check my other article on how to fix TEE Keybox Not Write In Error On Safaricom Neon Ray J11 After flash.

Bypassing FRP on Samsung devices is not so easy. If you have tried on this model you will agree with me that it is true it is quite a challenge. But it is possible to bypass FRP on Samsung A30s (A307FN) smartphone. All you need to do is to just get it right. So in this article, we are going to learn about the easiest method on how to FRP on Samsung A30s (A307FN) smartphone.

Samsung A30s ( A307FN) FRP Bypass Smartphone.

We are going to see how we can FRP on Samsung A30s (A307FN) smartphone. If you are really looking forward to get help and you are stuck on the FRP lock, let us look at some of the things we shall need to have for this process to be a success.


  1. Windows Computer
  2. SamFmw Tool (Latest version)
  3. Samsung USB Drivers
  4. USB Data cable

Now, having made sure that the above checklist is met let us now go step by step about how to FRP on Samsung A30s (A307FN) smartphone. Keenly follow the steps below to learn how to bypass FRP on Samsung A30s using your computer.

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How To Bypass FRP On Samsung A30s ( A307FN) Smartphone Using SamFW FRP Tool.

Step 1

Start by downloading the tool you will need to have. This is really important. Download SamFw tool latest version from the link I have provided in this article. This tool is constantly under update so I have only provided a link to the website where you can download the latest version of it.

Step 2

Extract the zip file for your SamFw tool latest version you have downloaded in step 1 above. Open the extracted folder and run the installer. After that, launch the Samfw tool on your PC from the desktop shortcut as you always do with other programs. SamFw FRP tool should launch, check for the latest version and then open.


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Step 3

Now, connect your phone on your PC while it is still On and on the welcome screen. on the SamFw FRP tool dashboard, you should see your Samsung A30s smartphone connected as “Samsung Mobile USB Modem Com”. Now, Download Samsung USB Drivers for your computer. The latest version of your tool should be able to have that option just below the tool. If you can’t see that option, then you can download from the internet and install them. You can also read an article about How to install Android v8.0 Orio on Most Android Phones.

Step 4

Now, with your phone connected to your computer while on the Welcome screen, click on the “TEST MODE” tab. Click on the “Remove FRP” which is the first option. Now, SamFw FRP tool will read your phone and then you will see a notification for you to dial *#0*# code from the Emergency call on your screen. After you have dialed the code, your phone will get into Test mode. Wait until a pop up will come on your screen prompting you to enable developers option. Check the box for “Always allow” Your phone will now get into ADB and SamFw FRP tool will bypass FRP on your Samsung A30s as shown bellow.


Step 5

Your phone will reboot and then come back on the welcome screen. Now complete the set up without now entering the google Account previously on the phone. But sometimes your phone might just boot up into normal mode where you don’t have to do the setting up. So that is it guys. The simplest and easiest method on how to bypass FRP on Samsung A30s (A307FN) Smartphone Using SamFw FRP tool.


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