How to Root Infinix Hot X507, infinix zero X506, infinix hot note 551 and Most other android phones

How to Root Infinix Hot X507 is a hotly contested topic as the new Infinix hot X507 is hitting the market with a bang mainly because of its amazing features and a relatively affordable price tag, many of us have opted for it. With specs such as 16GB internal memory, 1GB ram, Quad core processor and android version 4.4 kit Kat, it sure sounds like the best deal for android lovers.

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However, there are those who would wish to unlock the full functionality of the phone by opting to root it. In this article therefore, we will learn step by step method of how to root infinix Hot X507, infinix zero X506 and infix hot note 551. This method can also be used to root Most other android phones including samsung smart phones. In this tutorial, I will be using Infinix hot X507. Well, before we get to the business of the day, here are a few simple tutorial of your concern;
Here is how to root infinix hot x507

  1. Infinix Hot X507 phone
  2. Computer or Laptop
  3. USB cable
  4. Internet connection

Softwares to be used;

    1. V-Root or I-Root
    2. PdaNet


  1. Download PdaNet onto your computer from this LINK
  2. Download Vroot or Iroot to your computer from HERE
  3. Install Iroot downloaded in step to above.
  4. Connect the infinix Hot X507 to the laptop or computer using the USB cable. Remember to enable USB Debugging in the setting menu. Do do this, go to settings > All > Developer options then turn on Developer options and tick the USB Debugging check box.
  5. Now install the PdaNet you downloaded in STEP 1 above. As the PdaNet installs, make sure you are connected to the Internet. Necessary drivers for your phone will be installed automatically on both the computer and your phone. You will See a dialogue box such as the one below.
  6. When, the installation of PdaNet is done, you will see the dialogue box showing; ‘Installation succeeded. The dialogue box will be as shown below.
  7. Open Iroot or Vroot you installed in STEP 3 above, Remember to keep your phone connected. Click on ‘Connect’ A pop up box will show up with; ‘phone model list update successful,’ click on OK and Iroot will connect and identify your phone. You will see the name of your phone and below it and expression; ‘No root Permision’ as shown in the photo below.
  8. Click on ‘Root’ at the bottom right corner. Thats the command to root your phone. Just a reminder, at this point the phone is still connected to the PC via USB and the USB Debugging is still enabled. The button is as below,
  9. The rooting process will begin immediately. Be patient and let the process to complete. Within the rooting process, the phone will reboot automatically on its own and you don’t have to do anything. Just sit back and watch. Yo will see this dialogue box during this time;
  10. After the reboot, your phone will have been rooted. This will be confirmed from the Iroot software with this confirmatory message that will be displayed on the dialogue box as below;

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Watch the video below in case you did not understand or you missed something:



That’s basically how to root infinix hot x507. With this 10 simple steps, you will have root access on your Infinix Hot X507, infinix zero X506, infix hot note 551 and any other android phone as the case my apply. After this process, you will notice a few strange apps installed on your phone, you can uninstall all the others but leave the SuperUser app, the one with the Lion like icon. As we all know, SuperUser is among the apps that show your phone is fully rooted. You can use the Root Checker app downloaded from the play store to confirm if your phone is rooted.

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