How to Spy your friend’s WhatsApp Account

Many of us are by now familiar with the whatsapp messenger. It has become the most popular and most famous app on platforms such as android, iPhone, blackberry, Symbian, Nokia, Microsoft, java among others.Spy your friend’s WhatsApp Account This popularity has led to the need for users to use the app like they own it and that’s the reason these tricks will be of value. In this article we shall look at how to Spy your friend’s WhatsApp Account. This is the Most Wanted among All WhatsApp Tricks. Well, most of you want to spy on your friend/lover’s WhatsApp account to know whom they chat most, what type of chat they do, among others. So here’s the trick and mind you it is only for educational purposes and should not be used for criminal activities.

How to Spy your friend’s WhatsApp Account

To Spy your friend’s WhatsApp Account, Install an app called Spymaster PRO which will provide you capability to track and read whole conversation of your teens, peers and cheating spouse, track shared photos/videos with time-datestamp too. This is a paid option and for those looking for a free option use the alternative method below.

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Alternative Method

The above app is very powerful but you will be required to pay for it. So better to have a free alternative which is here.

What we are about to do? Well, WhatsApp verifies a phone’s MAC address. If you’ll try to change it, WhatsApp will again ask you to confirm your phone number. So, we got a loop-hole. If you will be able to change your phone’s MAC address to victim’s MAC address, you’ll be able to access his/her WhatsApp account from your phone.

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Follow these steps:

    1. Download and install Buysbox(for rooted device) or BusyBox Not-Rooted (for unrooted phone)
    2. Then download and install Android Terminal Emulator
    3. Head up to this other trick on how to install multiple WhatsApp accounts on your Android. Use it to install another whatsapp account on your phone.
    4. Get victim’s phone for 10 minutes and locate his/her MAC address: For Android the location is Settings >> About Phone >> Status >> Wi-Fi MAC Address. For iPhone (Settings >> General >> About >> Wi-Fi Address), For Windows Phone (Settings >> About >> More Info >> Mac Address) and for Blackberry (Options >> Device >> Device and Status info >> WLAN MAC )
    5. Follow this linkto learn how to spoof MAC Address.
    6. Enter victim’s phone number on your WhatsApp, verify it by entering verification code received at victim’s cellphone.

      That’s how to Spy your friend’s WhatsApp Account. Both your phone and the victims phone will both be running on the same number. Do not forget to check other amazing whatsapp tricks.
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