Best Android Apps to Stream Live TV Channels for free

There’s no dearth of the Best Android Apps to Stream Live TV shows when you want. But not many apps and app developers bother about making Live TV available for people to use when they want. The result is that many still think you need to login to a TV channel’s website to stream it live. You don’t.

There are fortunately a select few apps that can be used to watch TV live as it is airing. Many of them are better in design and capability than video streaming giants like YouTube or Vimeo! Want to know more? Read our list of the best Android Apps to Stream Live TV for Free.

Best Android Apps to Stream Live TV

  1. LiveStream TV

LiveStream TV makes a strong contender to be the app to keep in your smartphone to watch live TV. The modern interface with the many TV shows it affords you along with program guides, the ability to record shows and have your favorite content available on demand is simply unbeatable. You can use the app to schedule DVR recordings no matter where you are. The app lets you Chromecast your favorite TV shows to the big screen, as well as connect using DNLA. The best feature in my opinion, however, is local TV, since local content is so often overlooked in most mainstream entertainment streaming apps.

LiveStream TV.png

2. Mobdro

Mobdro is often hailed as the ultimate rival to Kodi TV. While it does not offer the sort of interface and breathtaking visual effects as Kodi, Mobdro does serve the purpose quite well when it comes to watching live TV on your Android device. It is one of the Best Android Apps to Stream Live TV. In fact, it is pretty popular among users when it comes to installing on bigger Android enabled devices like Android TVs and the like. Not a lot of features in this one, but it gets the job done perfectly, so it might woo those who like their apps to be no-nonsense.


3. Crackle

Crackle is well known. It is a free alternative to Netflix, and it also has some amazing original content you can watch. Android devices had crackle before they got Netflix, so the app is pretty popular among the community. The app’s live TV feature does get you a lot of good TV shows to watch, though personally, I prefer to watch them after the airing simply because the video streaming is so crisp. Also, points for the design and color scheme which certainly breaks the mould that relies exclusively on dark backgrounds and big posters.


4. ABC

The ABC app takes ABC’s amazing content one step further with ABCd originals that you can find on the app only. Not to forget, the most amazing ABC series can be watched right on your smartphone as soon as they are aired, using the app. ABC does not require you to sign in with an account to watch their TV shows. Only, you have to deal with ads. I bet it saves a lot of money for cable charges though. According to recent reports, Disney and ABC are working to offer better features in the app, like live programming and MVPD access to further its influence in the market

ABC app.jpg

5. The CW

CW is another amazing network that produces some great content every month. Lucky for us, the company has an official app on the Play Store for us to use to watch the Live TV channel and its many TV shows. Like ABC, it does not need you to subscribe or have an account. The app can notify you when a TV show is being aired on TV and when it is available on the app. What really wins the hearts of users is the Extra content you get access to, which includes behind the scene action, cast interviews, and other such amazing videos. Also, if you’re asking what good’s about to roll out on the app, check out this news about the iHeartRadio Music Festival that will be live streamed on the app! Good reason to get it, no?

The CW.png

6. Crunchyroll

If anyone has ever wanted a Live TV app that lets you watch Anime, it is me. Not that I’m a big Anime fanboy, but the content is really different from the common trope-laden content produced by mainstream English cartoon and animation industry. Crunchyroll has been the perfect app for me because it not just lets you watch the shows you have been chasing all over the internet, but it also has a couple of features to make the experience better for you, like HD quality, Chromecast support and a manga shop. What’s more, the app is also completely legal and it sources its content directly.


7. ShowBox

Show box is also one of the Best Android Apps to Stream Live TV. If there was ever an app that deserved to be on the Play Store, it is ShowBox. Though it is not available on the official market, the ShowBox app has quite a fan following that you can judge from its subreddit. The latest Showbox apk file offers a giant library of content with multiple resolutions, and it also supports subtitles and downloads. The content is quickly uploaded too. The ads are a bit pesky, but the entertainment you get for free otherwise makes the app worth the ad-borne inconvenience.

showbox chromecast.jpg

8. Vidmate

Vidmate and its many features can impress anyone. No wonder it is on this list of Best Android Apps to Stream Live TV. It is shocking that the app is free. Vidmate lets you watch and download videos from all over the internet, get latest music, make memes and browse the internet like a competent web browser. And just as effortlessly, it also lets you watch your favorite TV shows live as they air. The app can also be used as a file locker, though not a very good one. Regardless, Vidmate totally deserves to be on the list of the best apps to stream TV Live, considering it does all that and is also free.


There’s quite a lot of apps you can use to watch live TV for free on your Android Smartphone, as you can see. Each has its own benefits and limitations. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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