Write in bold, italics and strikethrough text on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp tricks keep growing by each sunrise. The latest addition being the ability to Write in bold, italics and strikethrough text on WhatsApp. It is easier than you can imagine and before I let you in on the juicy part, remember to check out the other whatsApp tricks just so we are on the same page. Before you start cursing me at the end of this article claiming, “It didn’t work,””I wasn’t able to  to Write in bold, italics and strikethrough text on WhatsApp,” be sure to update your version of whatsapp so you have the latest version. At the rate of the changes and the updates, I am expecting the possibility of being able to underline text on whatsApp. If and when that happens, I will keep you posted on how to underline text on whatsApp. Now let’s get started.

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Write in bold, italics and strike through text on WhatsApp.





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How to Write in bold, italics and strikethrough text on WhatsApp

The procedure is pretty simple, use these simple tweaks:

  1. To write in bold on WhatsAppall you have to do is include * before and after the text or word you want to appear in bold. For example in the above screen shot, type *write in bold* and you will yield write in bold
  2. To write in Italics on whatsApp, use the _ sign before and after the word or sentence you want italicized. For instance _italicize your text_ will yield italicize your text.
  3. Finally, to Strike through text on whatsApp use the ~ sign. An example in the above, if you type, ~Strike through text~ it will yield Strike through text.

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Whats more fascinating about all this is that you can combine the above three in pairs or even all of them together. Here is how I arrived at the statement in the screen shot above. By Typing *~Combining~* is also *_possible_* with ~_ease_~ I had this as the final output. Combining is also possible with ease. You realize that Combining is bold and stroke through, possible is bold and italicized and ease is italicized and stroke through.

Now let us combine all of them at once, by typing *_~A bold italicized word stroke through.~_* you will end up with A bold italicized word stroke through.


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