How to Hide Two Images in One on WhatsApp

Another WhatsApp trick comes your way and this time it is how to hide two images in one on WhatsApp. As the most popular messaging and calling app, WhatsApp has many interesting tricks that one can use to make the experience even more interesting. Among the latest tricks is one where you are sent a picture which you salivate over only to click it and see something totally different. Well, that trick is hiding a picture under another one. Before we proceed, you can check out  Wallpics which is a high quality photo tiles that stick.

Well, back to hiding two photos in one on whatsapp, it is a simple trick involving the MagiApp android application. The long list of WhatsApp tricks continues on, check out the other WhatsApp tricks here.

hide two images in one on whatsapp


The MagiApp is a little tool that allows you to hide one picture under another one to make it possible to troll your friends. Go to the Google Play Store and look for the MagiApp. Download it to your android device and wait for the installation. Once done, launch the app. You will be met with a screen with the left side having a box you can insert the thumbnail to be shown in the chat while the right side has the actual image to be opened.

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Each of them will require you to go to the gallery of your phone. It is that simple. Once the image is prepared, it will automatically take you to the friend list of your WhatsApp where you can send the clever picture. If you have a friend who likes certain pictures, please make the actual image to be a laughing monkey. It always works.

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Another Trick

Some time back, the MagiApp stopped working altogether. For this reason, there is another app called the Z- Photo Fake for Chats that works in the same way MagiApp does. The only downside to using the Z- Photo Fake for Chats is that it does not allow you to use a custom photo as the thumbnail. Rather, it only allows you to use a white background to hide the actual image you need hidden.

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