How to Upgrade Tecno C8 to Android HiOS marshmallow

You probably own a Tecno C8 and you’d probably like to Upgrade Tecno C8 to Android HiOS marshmallow. This tutorial will help you keep upto date with the latest as far as the update is concerned. Upgrading your Tecno C8 to android 6.0 marsh mallow is unique in its way because it includes the HiOs upgrade too. The upgrade will therefore not only upgrade your Tecno c8 from android lollipop to marshmallow but also a Hi-Os upgrade. In case you are wondering what the hell HiOs means, well, in simple words, Hi-Os is a functionality introduced by Tecno to enhance the productivity and functionality of the phones running it. Just before you proceed with the upgrade, let me remind you that there are other cool stuff you can do while still on lollipop such as installing sumsung custom ROM on Tecno C8.

Upgrade Tecno C8 to Android HiOS marshmallow

Initially I did a tutorial on how to upgrade infinix x507 from android lollipop to android 6.0 marshmallow and it would be fair if i accord the Tecno C8 owners the same opportunity to literally ‘leek the Lollipop’.

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Upgrade Tecno C8 to Android HiOS marshmallow

There are two possible methods of updating or rather upgrading Tecno C8 to Android HiOS marshmallow, either through SD Card or through flashtool. In this tutorial, i will focus on the use of the SD Card because it is the simplest and easies way to update tecno c8 to android marshmallow.


  1. Tecno C8 Phone
  2. SD Card
  3. Tcard_update_20160425


  1. Download the Tcard_update_20160425  from THIS LINK. It is approximately 800mb, download over WiFi or any other fast internet.
  2. Copy the Tcard_update_20160425 downloaded above onto your SD Card (Memory card). Do not put it in any folder.
  3. Do a backup of all your data on your phone because you are bound to lose it.
  4. Switch off your phone. (From here proceed with caution. Am not liable if you break your phone.)
  5. Press and hold both the Power Button + Volume Up simultaneously. When the startup logo appears release the Power Button ONLY. You will see the android logo appear as shown below. Now release the Volume Up button. Upgrade Tecno C8 to Android HiOS marshmallow
  6. Again, hold the Power Button for 2 seconds and then press Volume Up button. WITHOUT RELEASING THE POWER BUTTON. You will see the interface below:Upgrade Tecno C8 to Android HiOS marshmallow
  7. Use Volume Down and navigate to Apply update from sdcard then press the Power Button to select.
  8. Use the Volume Down to navigate to the Tcard_update_20160415 in the SD card then select it with the Power Button. 
  9. The installation will begin and when it is done you will see the interfcae below. Select Reboot system now. Upgrade Tecno C8 to Android HiOS marshmallow
  10. The phone will reboot. This could take long, maybe upto 5 minutes.
  11. After the boot process is complete, DO A FACTORY RESET to ensure you do not encounter any issues
    After the boot is done, you should have HiOS and Marshmallow 6.0 on your C8.

Upgrade Tecno C8 to Android HiOS marshmallow

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That’s how to Upgrade Tecno C8 to Android HiOS marshmallow. Proceed with the upgrade with caution and am not liable for any breaks. Incase of any problems, comment below for assistance. That’s how to install custom rom on tecno c8. Find download links for Stock ROMs of other tecno Phones HERE

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