The 1954 Hungary v England football match

There was a moment, especially in the first half of the 20th century, where England definitely had the best national football team in the world. You can make sports betting only on on all matches played by the Three Lions.

However, the great matches they played and the great players the team had also brought an unintended consequence. Specifically, the English started to become quite complacent about their capabilities. They thought that, because football was invented in their country, it was inconceivable that anybody could play it better than them. Making sports betting only on the 1xBet website ensures the best winning chances, especially when wagering on English football competitions.

A costly complacency

This complacency led to the English to completely neglect and ignore what other teams were doing. The best reflection of that happened in the so-called Match of the Century that took place in 1953 between England and the Hungarian national squad. You can use 1xBet to place live bets on matches played by those two teams.

The Hungarians traveled to London and humiliated the English team 6-3. As it was known later, many of the English players didn’t even know the name of their Hungarian colleagues. This happened despite the fact that many of them were seen as some of the best football players in the world at the time. Whenever the Hungarian national team plays, you can use 1xBet to place pre-match and live bets on all its matches.

Yet, the English football community thought this was a mere “accident”. A rematch was planned for 1954, probably not even the most pessimistic British fan imagined what would happen on that day.

A complete humiliation

If the 6-3 defeat suffered at Wembley was seen as an humiliation by English football fans, then there is no word to describe the 7-1 defeat suffered at Budapest. By the way, the best casino live bet on can be used before the next match of the Hungarian national side.

This contest was played on the 23rd of May 1954, and the goalscorers were:

  • Mihály Lantos;
  • Ferenc Puskás;
  • Sándor Kocsis;
  • Nándor Hidegkuti;
  • and József Tóth.

It was clear that a 6-3 followed by a 7-1 was no accident at all. This made the British football community have a realization that would have looked unthinkable before these matches. Specifically, they finally found out that they were becoming outdated in terms of football tactics and strategies. There were other teams that were surpassing them. By consequence, they were no longer the unstoppable football squad they once thought they were. While waiting for the next match of the Three Lions, you can try your best live casino bets on the 1xBet online betting platform.


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