Tecno C8 Beauty Plus Camera Feature, An amazing feature.

Thumbs up for the Tecno C8 Beauty Plus Camera Feature. It is one of the best camera adons in the world we live in today. I have been on the hunt for my A-game in terms of the device that replaces my previous Cracked phone, and when I stumbled upon the Tecno C8, the hunt just got less intense on the realization of the beauty plus feature. A quick overview of the Tecno Camon C8 specifications will get us on the same page before I hit u with the added beauty plus camera feature. Tecno Camon is an android phone running android 5.0 lollipop, 1.3GHz quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU  Processors, 5.5 inch display, 1GB ram, 16GB internal memory, 3000mAh Li-Ion battery, IPS capacitive LCD display and 13MP rear camera with up to 4128 x 3096-pixel-pictures with LED flash. The phone is self-sufficient even without the HiOS upgrade, which is already out. The HiOS too adds some cool features to the phone. I will be letting you in on

The phone is self-sufficient even without the HiOS upgrade, which is already out. The HiOS too adds some cool features to the phone. I will be letting you in on how to update your Tecno C8 with the HiOS upgrade

The Tecno C8 Beauty Plus Camera Feature has the capability to literally do Makeup on your face. Which kind of make-up, you may ask? Well, the kind that ladies do to make themselves feel more beautiful. With this feature, you can forget about going to the salon, beauty parlor or any beauty shop to do make just for the sake of taking a photo. It has been made simple, just take the photo with the high quality 13MP camera and do the makeup on the photo. You might even outdo the professionals. The beauty plus is also available on the latest tecno c9 phone too. The video below shows the feature in action.

The video below shows the feature in action.

Tecno C8 Beauty Plus Camera Feature; 

  1. Once you have taken the photo, go to the gallery to view it or tap on the photo preview at the bottom right of the screen to view it.
  2. When the Photo is displayed, tap on it to display a menu below it. The menu will have several icons to choose from. Select the one that looks like a lipstick (at the center). The phone will then auto detect the face in the display photo and you are good to go.
  3. Upon tapping on the icon, a series of icons, what I call ‘the beauty menu,’ will be at your disposal. The menu encompasses the following;
  • Recommended; This icon when tapped displays a series of images of which you can choose from depending on your preference and the face in the photo will adjust accordingly.
  • Acene; This feature gets rid of spots. you simply swipe on the photo to smoothen it.
  • Foundation; In this submenu, you can customise the colorization or what is commonly known as the skin tone. In the world of beauty, this is similar to the use of the face powder.
  • Lipstick; The name tells it all, you can choose an array of lipstick colours that best blends in and matches your look.
  • Blusher; Want to add a blushing effect on the photo, grab this tool.
  • Eye Brow; With this tool you can changes the shape, size and alignment of your eyebrows as you may think fit.
  • Eye Liner, Eye Shadow, Eye Lash and the Nose; All self-explanatory, explore them.
  • Retouch; Once you are done with all the above features, you can retouch for the final outcome. You can auto retouch, Slim, Breast retouch, Chin retouch, enlarge, brighten and retouch the teeth too.

Isn’t that amazing? I thought of using the Tecno C8 Beauty plus camera feature on a man’s face and the outcome was just amazing. See the image below to get a picture of what am talking about.

Tecno C8 Beauty plus camera feature

I can only imagine what this tool can do to a lady’s face. Watch out for this release. Have fun with the feature, when it finally reaches you 🙂

Good news: beauty plus is also available on the new Tecno C9 phone. Look out for tecno c9 beauty plus.

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