How to Conserve Internet Data on your Smart Phone

Data is always the most expensive aspect of owning a smartphone. You must, therefore, master the secret to Conserve Internet Data to enjoy more.  If you want to enjoy Instagram,How to Conserve Data on your smart phone Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and even YouTube, you must be ready to spend when it comes to data. There are however ways of using less data to ensure that you do not spend a fortune just to stay connected.

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We will learn How to Conserve Internet Data on your smartphone. Unless you have wifi or on an unlimited data plan, data conserving or management must be a basic know how. If you dread the being cut off due to low or no data, then read on.

Ways to Conserve Internet Data on Android

1. Restrict Background Data
when you switch your data on, the apps you have installed are looking for updates, messages, notifications, grabbing that email from a server and so on. This means even before you launch your applications, a lot of syncing is happening in the background thus your data is being drained.
When you restrict background data, you only allow the app in question to only update when you open it. This is how you do it: Settings>Data Usage>Restrict Background data

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2. Ditch the Apps and Use Light Weight Browsers
Do you know when you load Facebook from a browser it’s faster than when using the App?
Some of the browsers are like the famous Opera Mini and Chrome have the data compression feature and optimization which reduce data usage.

3. Delete Unused Apps and Widgets

Those fancy Apps on your home screens that you rarely or have never used, delete them. This is because they usually sync with their servers thus using data. These are like the Supersport App, I never use it!! so, right now I am deleting it.

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4. Choose your subscriber well

You should be discriminating about the service provider to use for data. In these days of the dual sim smartphone, you can easily use one SIM card for calls and the other for data. Consider using a 2G internet usually based on network setting if the internet speeds is not a priority.

Do let us know of other tricks you have found that can be used to Conserve Internet Data on Android smartphones in the comment box below.

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