Why phone charger that used to work does not work anymore

When a phone charger that used to work does not work anymore, there are various causes which you should look to before you conclude that it’s dead. It can be quite annoying when you plug in your device only to be greeted with the Battery Low message some more. It may be an issue you can solve, or you may be needed to buy a new charger as we shall see below. Most issues with the charger are however quite easy to solve as shall be demonstrated. Read Also: How to Charge Android Phone Using Another Phone

Why phone charger is Not working

Dirt: One of the most common causes of a charger failing to charge is the presence of dirt in the charging port. This can include dust, lint, debris, and other items. When these objects get into the port, they will obstruct the flow of power between the phone and the charger. You can use a toothpick or small brush to remove the dirt from the port.Why phone charger not working

The end of the charger can be the one with dirt too. Check the plug for any dirt, rust or other obstructions. You can then remove the dirt with a soft brush with light repeated strokes.

Wall Plug: The wall plug may also cause a phone charger that used to work not to work anymore. For this one, you first need to check for any dirt in the USB port. If none is there or you already removed it, you then need to focus on the charger as a whole. If the same cable charges the phone with another wall plug or a computer, then yours has an issue. In most cases, you will need to buy another one. Read Also: Five Key Smartphone Charging Mistakes You Must Avoid

Cable: The other reason for the failure of your charger is the USB cable you charge with. If the cable is torn, frayed or you tried to cut it and make a new connection, you should simply ditch it and get a new one. Cables are quite cheap to get whether it is for an iPhone or Android device. For this, go for a quality and durable cable. Avoid knock-offs that come at a fraction of the original price. They will stop charging and even cause issues for your device.

Software: At times, your device may refuse to acknowledge that a charger is connected and thus refuse to charge. This can occur due to a software conflict. You may try solving it by rebooting your device, running an antivirus scan or other software procedure.

Hardware: Other than the issues explained here, there is the likelihood that you damaged your device through a fall or other issue. The hardware of the device may thus be compromised and charging affected. You will need an expert for this kind of issue.

These are the major reasons why a charger that used to work has suddenly stopped working. Always, there is an underlying issue that can be dealt with. Simply be patient and go through this list with your device until you find the cause and the solution.

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