Five Key Smartphone Charging Mistakes You Must Avoid

If your smartphone’s battery dies out so fast, here are the things you must try.

Most users complain that their battery backup is not up to mark. The battery sign turns red anytime or in middle of their browsing, gaming and downloading. If you are one of those users being annoyed by poor battery life, you can try these things to mitigate the phone charging risks.

Smartphone Charging Mistakes

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Don’t Charge Your Phone Overnight:

If you keep your phone plug in for charging for longer, you need to break this habit. Charging your phone overnight will not only affect battery longevity, but also makes it prone to overheating. Unplug the charger once it is sufficiently charged. There is a twist to this fact though, find out how and why you can still charge your phone overnight safely.

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Remove Your Phone Case or Cover:

Heat is not good for batteries, and leaving your phone case on while charging can “lock” the heat that is being produced. Therefore, you must remove the phone case ease the intense heat with a little fresh air.

Avoid 100% Charging:

70 to 80% battery backup is enough for a day and is ideal for your battery lifespan. A 100% charging won’t do any good as it will overheat the battery, thereby affecting battery’s life.

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Use Good Quality Charger:

You must be extra careful while choosing a charger for your smartphone if you don’t have an original one. Always purchase the chargers of the same brand as your smartphone is. Make sure it has at least as much capacity as your smartphone.

Protect Your Phone from Being Overheating:

Besides charging, there are many things that cause overheating of your phone, thereby affecting the battery life. So, follow these steps to keep your phone cool as possible.

  • Don’t leave your phone in a hot car
  • Avoid using quick charger like the one in your car
  • Discharge your phone as possible if you are storing it for a long time.
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