How to make android run smoothly like iPhone

If your android device is recently slowing down, there are several ways in which you can make android run smoothly like iPhone. In this article, we deal with the various ways in which you can speed up your android in very easy steps. You actually don’t need technical skills for most of these methods. Read Also: How to Make Your Android Device run Faster

Ways to make android runs fast like iPhoneHow to make android run smoothly like iPhone

Use a lighter launcher: The launchers that come with most devices tend to be heavy on the system resources. For that reason, you need to find a third party launcher that is lighter and faster to use. The most favored options include Apex Launcher, Go Launcher EX, Nova Launcher and many others. These launchers will make android run smoothly like iPhone. Read Also: Why computer is always hanging and possible solutions

Change auto-sync settings: Syncing every now and again will not only reduce your battery life but also eat into the resources. You can set the device to sync after longer periods or not at all for the longest battery life and a faster device.

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Clear the app cache: Once in a while, clear the cache for your apps to free up some system resources. This can be done by going into the storage section of your settings and clearing the cache. You will immediately notice that your device will run smoothly after this action.

Disable animations: System animations may make a device fun to use but eat up more resources than you will be comfortable to give up. Dig into the settings and the animation window (in the developers’ section) to disable them and give your device some breathing room.

Remove any apps you don’t need: We are all guilty of so many apps we don’t use on our devices. These apps eat up both space and resources on your device. If you rarely use an app, you are better off without it rather than letting it slow down your device for no good reason.

Have a clean home screen: However powerful your device is, avoid adding a lot of stuff on the home screen. For example, avoid using live wallpapers and instead go for static ones. Also, refrain from having widgets on the home screen as they too eat up a lot of processing power when keeping up to date.

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Keep everything up to date: If you can, update to the latest version of your android operating system. While some android devices will only update to a new operating system once or twice, make sure you are running the very latest version of android possible for your device. The same goes for apps. Google and other vendors push out updates to their apps every now and again. If your internet plan is not a limited one, allow for automatic updates to run the latest versions of your apps.

These and many other tricks can make android run smoothly like iPhone if executed correctly. They can be easily carried out on your device for that smooth user experience which will make you love your android device once again.