Is Android Better than iPhone? Which one should you buy?

The big question today; Is Android Better than iPhone? For a while now, the rift between Android and iPhone has been raging on in various aspects of the web. In fact, it has moved from being a manufacturers’ war to one fought between fans of the two platforms. It is no doubt that both are smartphones in their respective capacities and functionalities but which of the two is smarter than the other?

We may have different opinions on this one but truth is, however, in my opinion, android is the much better platform.Is Android Better than iPhone

I will explain my stand based on four main factors that are of importance to the common end user. The following reasons played a major role in my decision.

Number of Devices

Either you have an iPhone, or you have an iPhone. That is all you get with the iOS platform. And all iPhones look more or less the same. With android, however, you get an array of phones that allow you to easily pick the one you want.

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The android operating system is open source. That means that one can tweak the look and feel of the software the way they want. Besides the software, one can change the look of their device as far as the themes, home screen layout and other aspects are concerned.


The latest iPhone model costs at least $650 to have a new one. Unless you go for a refurbished one, you are forced pay that. With android, you can get a great phone for a third of that price while running the latest software.

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Free Apps

Most applications developers on iOS will charge you a steep fee to have their games and apps running on your iPhone. With android, most apps and games are free. Those to be paid for work on a premium model whereby you use the app freely for a given period then pay if you are impressed.


You will have many other benefits using your android phone than if you went for an iPhone. The biggest advantage with your droid is the level of customization you get. You have different brands, different prices, different sizes and different looks to pick from. So what according to you is the factor you most consider when buying a phone?

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